2021 Mercedes S-Class Officially Interior Previewed With New Ambient Lighting

2021 Mercedes S-Class Official Interior Released With New Ambient Lighting

The new 2021 Mercedes S Class leaked to major controversy but the silver star has just unveiled their new MBUX touch interface and interior that is pretty impressive besides the ridiculous massive touchscreen. My favorite touches are the yacht-style wood trim with aluminum lines on the front dash and rear in between the seats. Mercedes has put a big focus on the rear passengers with new advanced touch screens with a full MBUX interface. The front features low profile air vents, adaptive ambient lights, air filtering, and more.

2021-mercedes-benz-s-class interior

The W223 S Class will have a slew of powertrains ranging from straight 6, V8, and PHEV units. Leaked AMG documents show an S63e AMG coming for 2021 packing a TwinTurbo V8 and a 20kWh battery pack and electric motor to make 700PS (690HP). Then will be the S73e pairing a V8 and electric motor to make 816PS (806HP) both with the 4Matic+ system.


 Upfront is a whole new experience with a 12.8in OLED display and haptic feedback! In total, 5 screens can be had in the car with the three rear optional ones! The driver display takes a note from Genesis with a 3D virtual cockpit using spatial 3D technology and eye-tracking. There also is the “hey Mercedes” feature and 27 fewer buttons than the last S Class. There is also fingerprint recognition, optimal PIN code, and voice recognition. There are LOADS of other networking and safety features along with two different HUD’s: one normal one and then a more advanced Augmented Reality one that projects virtual arrows onto the road during AR Navigation with a 393inch wide and tall area.

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Lighting plays a leading role, with all passengers bathed in it via 250 LEDs in fiber optics, with brightness now 10 times greater than before to make it more visible in daylight (with day and night modes). In addition to setting the mood, the lighting can also help to reinforce alerts from the driving systems like lane and braking assists, or it can respond appropriately to warm/cool climate control commands in individual zones of the cabin. The “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant is accompanied by light animation based on the seating position of the user.

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