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You might be driving a ‘Yahoo Boy car’ – Top Cars Nigerian Police See As Yahoo Boy Cars

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Have you been stopped before on the road before for no obvious reasons, even though all your papers are complete? Do you wonder what could be happening? Watch out, you might be driving a ‘yahoo boy car’ Read on to know more.

Yahoo boys are often one of the ‘biggest’ classes of boys in Nigeria. They love flashy cars, and expensive wear and like to live in luxurious houses.  In a country like Nigeria, the way you appear has a lot to say about you. For instance, the kind of clothes you wear, the house you live in, and even the kind of car you drive tell a lot about you. For example, a person driving a Rolls Royce in Nigeria can easily be tagged as a business tycoon, a successful pastor or a monarch. Similarly, there are certain cars that have been identified as popular with Yahoo boys. And knowing how Nigerian police are, they are likely to stop you if you are found with any of these cars.

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Check out the cars popularly tagged as Yahoo Boy cars by Nigerian police below:


2020 Mercedes Benz C300 Price – Reviews And Buying Guide
2020 Mercedes Benz C300 Price – Reviews And Buying Guide

Mercedes Benz is a top-rated automobile brand, and if you don’t know, it is widely loved by Nigerians. It is popularly said that ‘you can’t go wrong with a Benz. While virtually all Mercedes Benz cars are loved by Yahoo boys, the C300 is a typical car brand the Nigerian police identify them with. Any young Nigerian caught driving this car, especially the white coloured ones, is immediately suspected as a Yahoo boy. Electronic features on the C300 include the COMAND interface with a dial controller and a new smartphone-style touchpad interface that overlap many functions, a 7-inch display screen, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, an in-car WiFi hotspot and an audio system with a CD player, USB and auxiliary audio jacks and HD radio.


Lexus ES 350 Reliability And Common Problems
Lexus ES 350 Reliability And Common Problems

Lexus is a luxury car made by the luxury division of the popular Toyota Car Company. The ES 350 has gained prominence amongst Yahoo boys because of its sleek and unique design. Policemen have spotted this trend of Yahoo boys buying this car brand, and as such become suspicious anytime they find anyone with it. How Much Is Lexus ES 350 In Nigeria?


Similar to the ES 350, the Lexus RX 350 is a classic car with a unique design and bold looks that makes it the perfect preference of Yahoo boys. The inner space of the vehicle promises ambience and comfort. Fitted with posh leather trim seats, as well as sliding and reclining adjustments for rear passengers. Everything about the RX 350 speaks about comfort and convenience, no wonder, Nigerian police are quick to suspect anyone who has this car of being involved in Yahoo Yahoo. Lexus RX 350 Price in Nigeria 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide


2010 Toyota Camry price in Nigeria - Reviews and Buying Guide
2010 Toyota Camry price in Nigeria – Reviews and Buying Guide

There is something about the Toyota Camry that has drawn the attention of Yahoo boys to it. Nigerian police have come to realize this car is loved by Yahoo boys, hence, if you own it don’t be surprised if they stop you. Common year models used by Yahoo boys are the 2005- 2007, especially the SE and XLE trims. It comes with a redesigned and upscale look that gives it a feel of nobility and class. Tokunbo Toyota Camry for sale: Model and Price range In Nigeria


Range Rover Autobiography Vs Sport And HSE
2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Price in Nigeria, Review, Specs

Range Rover is a car that only a few who have a deep pocket can afford, and truth is, Yahoo boys have a deep pocket because of their profession. If you are a young Nigerian with a trendy beard and hairstyle, and you are found driving a Range Rover on a Nigerian road, don’t be surprised if you are stopped by the Nigerian police. 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Price in Nigeria, Review, Specs


G-Wagon is characterized by wealth, class and comfort. Worth millions of naira, only a few can afford to own one. The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is a car peculiar to celebrities, politicians etc. Unless you are famous, if you are young Nigerian cruising in this car in Nigeria, the Nigerian police are very likely to stop you and interrogate you about your occupation.


When you hear a Venza, then you know we are talking about a good car with a reputation for strength, comfort and durability. Driving a Toyota Venza makes you a suspect by the Nigerian police for Yahoo Yahoo. The Venza is sleek, upscale, and equipped with modern tech features that make it a preferred car by Yahoo boys.>> Prices of Toyota Venza in Nigeria – Reviews and Buying Guide



Considering the cost of the Ford Mustang worth millions of naira, only celebrities and politicians are often seen with it. This makes it a bit hard to drive this car freely on the road without being suspected of doing something wrong. Nigerian police are quick to stop anyone on the road found with this vehicle>> 2020 Ford Mustang Prices, Reviews, and Trim in Nigeria


Chevrolet Camaro Price In Nigeria - Reviews And Buying Guide
Chevrolet Camaro Price In Nigeria – Reviews And Buying Guide

Chevrolet Camaro is a top car acquired by Yahoo boys, hence, Nigeria police have come to suspect this car. A rival of the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro is also generally associated with wealthy celebrities and politicians.


If you have any of these cars listed above, don’t be shocked if you are stopped by the Nigerian police. Now, we are not saying everyone who has these cars are Yahoo boy. That’s not true. However, the challenge is that Nigerian police have flagged these cars as popular cars driven by Yahoo boys.

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