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What Is The Relationship Between “Fufu” And Vulcanizers In Nigeria?

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If you are familiar with roadside technicians and vulcanizers in Nigeria, you’ll know that they have a strong relationship with Fufu or Akpu. They love repairing car tyres using this local food item. But, what’s the reason behind it? 

How did Akpu or FuFu become a reliable way of fixing a broken car tyre? Why do Nigerians confidently trust them when they use this item to repair their tyres? Here’s all you need to know about Nigeria vulcanizers and the use of FuFu for car tyre repair.

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Why Do Nigerian Vulcanizers Use FuFu To Repair The Car Tyre?

Disclaimer: car manufacturers have never advised that FuFu should be used for car tyre repairs. It’s just the improvisation for car tyre repair Nigerian vulcanizers came up with and it works for them to date.

Over the years, FuFu has proven to be a reliable car tyre sealant, and in some cases, they use eba as well. But how does this thing work out?

How Does The Use Of FuFu As A Car tyre Repair Work In Nigeria?

First, the vulcanizer starts by fitting your new tyre into the rim, there needs to be a sealant that’ll be applied around the areas of your tyre. Why? So that when air is been blown into the new union of tyre and rim, there won’t be any air escape from the sidewalls of the tyre.

Modern vulcanizers in Nigeria will use actual sealants to perform this task. But, somehow, those older vulcanizers will use FuFu instead of using a sealant? Why? Is the fufu better than the sealant? No. The reason is that the fufu is cheaper for them than buying a sealant.

Problems Of Using Fufu As Your Car Typre Sealant

While the fufu works and is also cheaper for vulcanizers in Nigeria, there are still things wrong with using fufu for tyre repair. They are:

  • It has a nasty smell that easily penetrates the car’s interior
  • It stains the tyre since the particles of the fufu are left behind
  • It is not recommended by car manufacturers and therefore cannot be trusted 100%

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