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“The Way People are Upgrading Cars in this Country ehn”: How an Old Model Toyota Land Cruiser was Upgraded to 2022 Model in Lagos

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Car upgrade has become rampant in Nigeria and many have started going the extra mile to upgrade the exteriors of their old model vehicles to meet the standards of recent models.

While car upgrades used to be minor facelifts given to older model cars to make them look modern at the very least, Nigerian car owners are now entirely reconfiguring their old model vehicles to appear brand new.

This video shared online by @CarContinentshows the moment an old model Land Cruiser upgraded to a 2022 model was spotted driving through the streets of Lagos.

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Merely looking at the SUV, it’s almost impossible to determine if the vehicle has undergone some interesting upgrades. As such Carcontinet captioned the post saying: “Car scholars. Is this Landcruiser upgraded or not?”

Watch the video here

Here are some reactions to the post:

@samggift commented: “Rear light gave it away, Toyota won’t do such”

@diorites_autos said: “Upgraded but clean job 👏❤️”

@chimdindu_n commented: “Definitely upgraded, once you look at a car as a car person and it doesn’t look right just know there’s something up”

@alien36060 commented: “The one that off me was the 2005 Gwagon upgraded to 2022, even with the full Long screen that supports apple play. 😂😂😂”

@omokhafe commented: “Them try for the upgrade the panel did a good job”

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