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Revving Up Local Manufacturing: Why Innoson Vehicles is a Game-Changer for the Nigerian Auto Market

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In recent years, Innoson Vehicles has become a household name in the Nigerian auto market. The indigenous auto manufacturing company has made a significant impact by offering affordable, locally produced vehicles that are customised to meet the specific needs of Nigerian drivers and our bad roads.

Did you know that almost all the forces in Nigeria make use of Innoson vehicles? The only car manufacturer in Nigeria originally manufactures all their cars and trucks.

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In a series of pictures posted on social media, the Twitter account @AfricaFactsZone posted the vehicles of the Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps, the Nigeria Army, the Nigerian Police Force, and the Nigerian Federal Fire Service, stating that they all get their vehicles from Innoson Motors.

How The Nigerian Army, Police Force, FRSC, and Federal Fire Service All Use Innoson Vehicles
How The Nigerian Army, Police Force, FRSC, and Federal Fire Service All Use Innoson Vehicles

In this article, we will list what it is that makes Innoson Vehicles stand out in the competitive automotive industry in Nigeria.

  • Local Production

One of the most significant factors that make Innoson Vehicles stand out in the Nigerian auto market is its local production. Innoson Vehicles is the first indigenous Nigerian auto manufacturing company. The company produces its vehicles locally, which means that it has created job opportunities for Nigerians and has also contributed to the growth of the Nigerian economy. This is a significant achievement considering that most cars in Nigeria are imported.

  • Affordability

Another factor that makes Innoson Vehicles stand out is affordability. Innoson Vehicles are relatively affordable compared to foreign-made cars, which makes them more accessible to the Nigerian market. The cost of living in Nigeria is high, and most people cannot afford to purchase foreign-made cars. Innoson Vehicles’ affordability has made it possible for more Nigerians to own cars and improve their standard of living.

  • Customisation

Innoson Vehicles can be customized to meet the specific needs of Nigerian drivers. This means that the company can tailor its cars to meet the local conditions, such as the weather and the road infrastructure. For instance, Innoson Vehicles can customize their cars to be more fuel-efficient, which is crucial in a country where the price of fuel is high. This customization makes Innoson Vehicles a more attractive option for Nigerian drivers who are looking for cars that can meet their unique needs.

  • Warranty

Innoson Vehicles offers a comprehensive warranty on its cars. This gives customers peace of mind knowing that they can get repairs and replacement parts for their cars if needed. This is a significant advantage for Nigerians who have had bad experiences with foreign-made cars, which often come with little or no warranty.

  • Local Support

Innoson Vehicles has an extensive network of dealerships and service centres across Nigeria, which means that customers can get support and maintenance for their cars locally. This is a significant advantage because many Nigerians live in remote areas where it is difficult to access reliable auto repair services. Innoson Vehicles’ local support network has made it possible for Nigerians to own cars without worrying about where to get maintenance and repairs.

Innoson Motors officially launches Liquidified Natural Gas(LNG), Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) Vehicles, which include trucks

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing launches LNG/CNG Automobiles

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, unveiled its latest innovation, the Innoson LNG/CNG Gas Truck, Bus and Cars at the IVM factory, Nnewi, Anambra state.

The liquified natural gas and compressed natural gas-powered vehicles were launched on the 20th of April, by the president of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Otunba Francis Meshioye.

The Unique feature of the Innoson LNG/CNG Gas vehicles according to the head of Corporate Communications, IVM, Cornel Osigwe is its ability to make use of CNG which is more affordable than diesel and petrol.

“it’s high time CNG / LNG powered vehicles ply Nigerian roads and IVM remains committed to producing durable, environment-friendly vehicles. This reduces the cost of transportation and encourages sustainability in our environment as well as development”.


Innoson Vehicles has distinguished itself in the Nigerian car industry as a result of its dedication to local manufacturing, affordable pricing, customer customisation, manufacturer warranties, and local support. The firm has shown that it is feasible to produce automobiles in Nigeria of high quality while keeping the prices low and tailoring the vehicles to satisfy the specific requirements of Nigerian motorists. The success of Innoson Vehicles demonstrates that homegrown businesses have the potential to flourish in Nigeria and make significant contributions to the expansion of the country’s economy.

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