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Innoson Vehicles Vs Nord Motors: Who Makes The Best Cars for Nigeria Road?

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  • Innoson vehicles are Nord are the most popular made-in-Nigeria vehicles in the market.
  • In their line-up, both manufacturers have sedans, SUVs, trucks, and mini-buses.
  • Despite making made-in-Nigeria cars, which brand has the best cars for Nigerian roads?

Innoson Vehicles and Nord Motors are the two most popular made-in-Nigeria car brands that have gained mainstream attention. Both companies have been spearheading the production of made-in-Nigeria vehicles, with a wide range of vehicle lineups to choose from.

Despite their popularity, it’s assumed that one of them makes the best cars suitable for Nigerian roads. To determine whether the car brand that makes cars suitable for Nigerian roads is either Innoson or Nord, we’ll be using some of one Innoson SUV and Sedan and one Nord Motors SUV and Sedan vehicle to make this decision.

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Best of Innoson Vehicles in Nigeria

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is the first indigenous automobile company brand in Nigeria, founded in the year 2007 by Innocent Chukuma Nwala. Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Company (IVM) is nicknamed the pride of African road, as the state of our roads is considered during its car manufacturing process. Transport brands like God is Good (GIGM) have partnered with the Nigerian-based brand. Most winners of Big Brother Naija were gifted with the IVM G40 SUV after emerging as the winner of the show (Big Brother Naija season 4), it’s nice as Nigerians appreciate one of its own.

The Innoson G5

Innoson G5
Innoson G5

The Innoson G5 is one of the manufacturer’s popular SUVs. It has a similar build to the Toyota Highlander. Not only does the vehicle have the feel likened to the Highlander, but you’ll be getting it brand new at the price of N22 million, which is cheaper than the Highlander. 

The Innoson G5 is characterized by a strong sense of power and a full show of masculinity for individuals who love to reflect strength and style. This SUV is designed with a very serene cabin, warm interiors, and a powerful yet silent engine; its rear seats can be tipped; it is flexible and comfortable to provide you with the on/off-road enjoyment you need.

It is a fully air-conditioned 5-seater sports utility vehicle. Other features include a 2.4-litre, Four Cylinder Mitsubishi 4G69S4N Engine, automatic transmission or manual transmission, ABS + EBD, SRS airbags, traction control, 32.3 mpg (7.3 litres per 100km) fuel consumption, and 75 Litres fuel Tank.

The Innoson Caris

Innoson Caris
Innoson Caris

The Innoson Caris debuted in 2020 and is another exquisite car model produced by the Nigerian automobile manufacturing company. Sleek, sporty, and modern are just some of the words that define the exquisite look and feel of the Innoson Caris. Made from high-quality materials, Innoson Caris combines both sophistication and high performance to deliver a great driving experience for drivers. The Innoson Caris sedan comes with features that include an improved exhaust tech, adjustable passenger seat, air-conditioned leather seats, standard LED front lights, and smartphone integration

The Innson Caris also uses a  2.0L automatic engine. Knowing the economy of Nigerians and the majority of Africans, the Innoson Caris allows individuals to save on fuel as the fuel economy is top-notch. Also, the reinforced shock absorber helps maintain stability even when driving on rough terrains.

In the interior, the Innoson Caris has lush seats made with exquisite leather to assure you of comfort. With a seating capacity of five, the seats are well padded such that discomfort is reduced regardless of the length of the journey. 

Legroom and headroom are also sufficient to accommodate different height ranges. Like every other car, the Innoson Caris has inbuilt modern safety features to protect drivers and passengers. Standard safety features include front and side airbags, power steering, reverse camera, automatically folding side mirrors, etc.

IVM Ijele

IVM Ijele
IVM Ijele

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing is excited to announce the forthcoming release of its newest addition to its lineup will be launching soon a luxury rugged pickup truck that’s built to handle anything you can throw at it.

The full-size “IVM Ijele” pickup truck is the newest addition to Innoson’s growing line of made-in-Nigeria vehicles. It has a set of big headlights, tow hooks, and a front grille that looks like the one on the popular RAM 1500 and 2500.

Innoson hasn’t said anything about the rugged IVM Ijele pickup truck’s specs or when it will be available.

The IVM Ijele speaks to the strength and endurance of our ancestors.

Best of Nord Motors in Nigeria

Nord Automobiles is a Nigerian automobile company founded by Oluwatobi Ajayi, with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. Nord Automobiles was conceived out of the need for a made-in-Nigeria car brand. Its activities centre on conveying quality aptitude in the worth chain, which incorporates the plan, sourcing, improvement, amassing, dispersion, showcasing, arrangement of deals, and after-deal administration of our extraordinary Nigerian-marked cars. Some of Nord’s popular SUVs and sedans include:

The Nord A5

The all-new Nord A5
The all-new Nord A5

The Nord A5 is a stylish and reliable sedan car, with impressive performance, safety, and reliability rating. The vehicle has been carefully crafted with style, a great interior, and high-quality parts. With the Nord A5, passengers will be guaranteed the safety, comfort, and driving experience no other car in its class offers. However, the company does not go into details to share more about the safety features of the vehicle. However, reviews from buyers have noted that the Nord A5 is a sound sedan to own and drive in Nigeria.

The Nord A5 SUV

The A5 is a crossover SUV that represents the latest generation of an already established model. The brand recently launched the Nord A5 SUV. Speaking about the Nord A5 at the launch, the CEO of the company, Mr Oluwatobi Ajayi stated: 

“The Nord A5 is the latest iteration of a beloved crossover SUV that has won the hearts of Nigerians. With an updated design, advanced technology, and improved performance, the Nord A5 is a testament to Nord Automobiles’ commitment to constant innovation.” 

While there are no public details of the features of the Nord A5 SUV, the CEO noted during the launch that the A5 features sleek lines and modern aesthetics. He notes that the SUV is a perfect blend of style and functionality. The interior has been meticulously designed for comfort and connectivity, making it an ideal choice for urban and suburban driving.

Nord Tank

Nord Tank
Nord Tank
  • Model: Nord Tank
  • Manufacturer: Nord Automobile
  • Year: 2019-10-31
  • Horsepower: 174

The Nord Tank offers you the complete package, it is strong, powerful, tough for bad roads and has all-wheel drive with significantly higher ground clearance.

Innoson Vehicles Vs. Nord Motors: Which is Best for Nigerian Roads?

In reality, both Innoson and Nord vehicles are well-suited for Nigerian roads. Both manufacturers have vehicles that will perfectly serve any Nigerian buyer and are brand new. Knowing that these are vehicles specifically made for those in Nigeria, it’s obvious that their manufacturers must have put dependability into question during manufacturing. None is better than the other. Whichever one you choose is based on preference.

For Design:

When it comes to car design, the automotive landscape is often a canvas where innovation and aesthetics converge. In this discussion, we turn our attention to the captivating designs of NORD and INNOSON, two prominent players in the industry.

NORD’s car designs stand out for their contemporary flair and undeniable visual appeal. The sleek lines, innovative features, and overall modern aesthetic contribute to a driving experience that extends beyond the road. The design philosophy seems to embody a perfect blend of form and function, captivating the eyes of enthusiasts and casual observers alike. On the flip side, INNOSON brings its own unique approach to automotive design. While maintaining a distinct identity, some argue that its designs might lean towards a more classic or traditional style. The emphasis on reliability and functionality is evident, appealing to a demographic that values time-tested principles.

Founders and Year of Establishment of Innoson Vehicles and Nord Motors

In 2007, Innocent Chukwuma founded Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM), which is the first well-known Nigerian company to manufacture vehicles in the country. The company has a capacity of producing 10,000 vehicles per year and its FACTORY ADDRESS No 2 Innoson Industrial Estate, Akwa-Uru, Uru Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State while its showroom is in Lagos, Enugu and Abuja, On the other hand, Nord Motors is another prominent Nigerian automobile manufacturer that produces affordable, high-quality cars customized for Nigerian roads and conditions founded by Oluwatobi Ajayi,

in 2014, Oluwatobi got the opportunity to start up as an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer, and he got approved to start sales with Jet Van. However, a new idea (Nord Motors) to expand the shores of his business skills grew out of this, which led him towards starting his automobile brand in Nigeria Nord Motors.

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