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“I think the real wealth can only be inherited cos how???”: Spots Luxury Cars Worth Billions Parked in a Billionaire’s Garage in Dubai

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A recent online video shows the insane number of luxury cars owned by one unknown billionaire in Dubai. All the vehicles parked in the garage are worth billions of Naira.

The luxury vehicles spotted in the garage include the 2023 Rolls Royce Phantom 8, Rolls Royce Cullinan, several other Rolls Royce models, and the latest model Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon. Altogether, more than 15 cars were spotted inside the billionaire’s garage.

The luxury cars also spotted have some of the most expensive license plate numbers installed.

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The video shared online by @CarContinent had the caption: “I think the real wealth can only be inherited cos how??? So we work well, make plenty money and after that our children build on that. Cos na only God we dey look up to.”

Watch the video here

Here are some reactions to the post: commented: “Arab money pass calculator.”

@koksiewoksie commented: “License plates cost more than the cars…Bug flex.”

@ahkachukwu said: “That garage go reach $200M”

@dreamchaser_7_8 added: “Only that plate number can feed a nation.”

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