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“Electric car that charges faster than your phone” Ola Of Lagos Reviews The First Subcompact “BinguoEV” electric car in Africa by Obi Cubana

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Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular on Nigeria’s roads as people look to the future. In a recent car review, Ola Of Lagos introduced the 2023 Wuling Binguo EV – a 5-door, 4-seater electric car that was imported into Nigeria recently.

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The car was brought in through a partnership between Obi Cubana, a well-known businessman, and Jubril Arogundade, the GM of GAC Motors Nigeria. Obi Cubana also recently unveiled Enviable Transport, a car-hailing service in Abuja, promising to use electric cars – specifically the 2023 Wuling Binguo EV.

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Ola of Lagos has pointed out that the 2023 Wuling Binguo electric car, which was manufactured by AGMW under the Wuling brand, has a fast-charging feature that is faster than that of mobile phones. The car’s fast-charging capability can charge up to 80% in approximately 30 minutes, even with smaller battery packs, and can fully charge in just an hour. Despite its small size, the vehicle provides ample cargo space for storage needs.

2023 Wuling Binguo EV Spec

Length * Width * Height [mm]3950*1708*1580
CLTC pure battery life [km]333
Fast charge time [h]0.58
Fast charge capacity [%]30-80%
Slow charge time [h]9.5
Slow charge Capacity [%]20-100
Motor [Ps]68
gearbox1 gear fixed tooth ratio
Body structurefive-door, four-seater hatchback
Maximum speed [km/h]100
Battery typelithium iron phosphate battery 

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