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Can It Be Repaired?: How To Know If Your Car Has A Leaking Valve Stem

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Sometimes, it can be hard to dictate the cause of a leaky tire, especially when it is not punctured by a nail or screw. Interestingly, when a car tire is leaky, it’s not usually the tire that’s punctured. It could be that the vehicle has a faulty valve stem.

Most car owners are unable to dictate this issue, while some believe the car tire could be the cause. If you’ve experienced a situation like this, it’s certainly not the cause of the tire. Here’s how to dictate a leaking valve stem in a car.

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How To Dictate A Leaking Valve System In A Car

When your car tire is constantly flattening out, but there’s no nail or screw puncture, the valve stem is to be blamed. The valve stem of a car is that part in the tire where you attach a pump to increase a tire’s air. But, sometimes, the tip of the valve stem develops an issue, and pumped air starts to leak

The simplest way to dictate the leaky valve is by spraying soapy water on the valve stem. Once you see bubbles forming, then there’s a leak.

Can You Fix A Leaky Valve Stem?

Yes. you can replace the leaky valve stem by simply changing the metal tip. It costs between N1,500 and upwards. The metal is like a screw for the valve; once it’s changed, the valve stem will stop leaking. The best practice is deflating your car tire and gently removing the metal tip.

Can I Fix A Leaky Valve Stem Without Removing The Tire?

If the new metal tip does not fix the leaky valve stem, you should buy a rubber snap-in tire valve with a new stem. Remove the old valve, and install the new one in your rim. The kit the new stem is contained in usually has all the directions for use written in its manual.

Why Are Valve Caps Green In Colour?

Different colours of valve caps mean different things. A green cap means the tires are filled with nitrogen. Most valves use a black cap, which means it’s filled with regular air. 


Not all tire leakages are due to a punctured tire leakage. Oftentimes, the issue is the valve stem. This article explains how to dictate this issue and successfully fix them easily.

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