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“Am I Seeing Correctly”: Carcontinent Asks As He Spots a Brabus 900 Rocket Edition Worth Over N1 Billion Driving in Lagos

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  • Man spots the supposed Brabus 900 Rocket Edition worth N1 Billion in Lagos.
  • He asks his followers if the vehicle is the original or an imitation.
  • Many believe it’s the real Brabus 900 Rocket Edition, while others insist it’s an upgraded Mercedes G-Wagon.

In a recent video that surfaced online, a Nigerian man has asked his social media followers to help him determine if the vehicle he spotted driving on the streets of Lagos is a Brabus 900 Rocket Edition.

The video that was posted online by @Carcontinent comes with the caption: “Someone helps me, am I seeing correctly here? Is this a legit Brabus 900 rocket edition? If it is that’s over a billion naira. Our Brabus people is this real or just badged?”

Many of his followers weighed in on the matter with some saying it’s indeed the Brabus 900  Rocket Edition with comments saying: “Saw this car at oriental hotel last month, it’s the real deal, no jokes.” Another comment said: “Hahahaha looking at this u would know it’s rea; deal….This one no be ladipo or zazu upgrade nah.” 

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Another person said: “Na abuja plate e carry that says something.” However, one comment insisted that the vehicle is not the real Brabus 900 Rocket Edition saying: “That’s a 2010 Upgraded G-Wagon…na old car be that.

Watch the video here

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