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Apostle Joshua Selman Biography, Net Worth, Cars, House, Books in 2024

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There are several Nigerians who have become of public interest for one reason or another. For Apostle Joshua Selman, what has drawn their attention towards him is his ministerial career. 

While there are several things a lot of curious minds will like to know about him, this article covers his biography, career, house, cars and net worth.

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Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography 

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography 
Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography 

The Apostle Joshua Selman was born on the 25th of June 1980. He originates from Jos, Plateau State, the northern part of Nigeria. 

Growing up as a child, he had a flair for reading the word of God and would prefer reading it to going outside to play with his peers. To further his education, Apostle Joshua Selman studied Chemical Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State. 

As soon as he graduated from the university, he had a call to follow his full-time ministry as a man of God. 

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Career

Apostle Joshua Selman
Apostle Joshua Selman
Full NameApostle Joshua Selman
Date of birth25 June 1980
Net worth$1.5 Million

Although it was until after graduation that his calling came, he had spent a good portion of his undergraduate days preaching and ministering with campus friends. During this time, he strained the position of a minister on campus which led him to transform lives through the anointed mantle given to him by God. 

His ministerial career came into full bloom after graduation. After graduation, he was pastor at Christ Gospel Church, Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna State. He soon rose to the level of a senior pastor at the church and later on moved on to become a minister to further continue his ministerial career. 

In 2011, he founded Eternity Network International (ENI) in Zaria, Kaduna. Through this ministry, he organized a weekly program called Koinonia, meaning a Christian fellowship or communion, which is held every Friday at GGC, New Extension, Samaturu, Zaria and Abuja.

During these times as a man of God, he has written several spiritual books such as;

  • A Discussion on Kingdom Truths
  • A Night of Prevailing Prayers
  • A Night of Supernatural Visitation
  • A Witness to the Truth
  • Above the Storms
  • Accessing the Deep Things of God
  • Activating Breakthroughs (The Ministry of Destiny Helpers)
  • Admonitions
  • Altars and Foundations 

Apostle Joshua Selman Cars

Apostle Joshua Selman Cars
Apostle Joshua Selman Cars

As a man of God who is constantly travelling to spread the ministry, Apostle Joshua Selman has a series of cars which accompany his movements. While these cars exist, there are no full displays of them except random snapshots of him inside them or coming out from them as he’s not one to display wealth or luxury. 

Some of the cars the man of God owns he’s been spotted in include;

Apostle Joshua selman White Mercedes Benz GLK350
Apostle Joshua Selman White Mercedes Benz GLK350
apostle Joshua Selman Mercedes Benz ml350 4matic
apostle Joshua Selman Mercedes Benz ml350 4matic
postle Joshua Selman Cadillac Escalade
Apostle Joshua Selman Cadillac Escalade

Apostle Joshua Selman’s House

As his ministry is mainly located in Zaria and Abuja, these are the places where Apostle Joshua Selman could have any of his houses. 

While there’s the conviction that the man of God owns a house, there’s yet to be any concrete information on that as he’s not one to showcase wealth or make it public to the general public. 

Apostle Joshua Selman’s Net Worth 

Apostle Selman has acquired a reasonable amount of wealth which includes assets, money and several means of income. Although he chooses to lead a modest lifestyle, he is worth over $1.5 Million.


Apostle Joshua Selman is one of the reputable and widely known men of God in Nigeria. And, chronicling his ministerial life to date, that’s a clear indicator of why he’s highly regarded by many. 

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    • Simon ugbonemero Reply

      I believe he have the biggest and best book THE HOLY BIBLE

  1. Apostle Joshua Salman has NOT written any books!!!! Kindly delete this ignorant post that is full of lies and miscommunication and get your facts right.

    • If you people said Apostle Selma has not written any books, then who wrote the mystery of the blood? The ministry of the Holy Spirit? The law of favour??? So who wrote them if not him?

      • Those were all messages preached by him, some people with the intention to make money converted them into books. He never stopped telling people he has not written any book

  2. Abere Peter Reply

    Please, Apostle has not written any book,all the books listed above was written by folks who listen to his sermon and produce a book out of it,just to make money (Apostle Joshua Selman,has not written any book sir).Thanks and God bless you

  3. Isaac Akagu Reply

    This is a really poor article. Don’t just write to get followership, get your facts correct first. Those cars you snapped are snapshots of places he went to minister. In such cases, the people who invited him usually use their own car to pick him up from airport, hotel, etc. They’re not necessarily his cars, even though we know he has cars. But you must put the right facts together before you write about someone. I’ll take those pictures off if I were you.

  4. Plateau State is not predominantly Hausa, there are over 25 ethnic groups and Hausa is not 9n3 of them

  5. Trash! Apostle have not written a single book.

    Secondly, those cars ain’t his, he has cars but all the cars you see him coming out from are the cars his hosts send to pick him anytime he goes out for ministration.

    This is a poor journalistic work filled with lies. Get your facts straight please.

  6. Dr. Nanchak Nimzing Reply

    The Apostle hails from Langtang in Plateau State though his birth place was Jos. Also, Jos is predominantly Berom, Jarawa and other plateau tribes and NOT Hausa as you wrongly reported! Thank you.

  7. Moses Daniel Reply

    We all love Apostle Joshua Selman, and
    You might have written this article out of your love for him, but what worth doing, worth doing right. Please always get the fact accurately before you feed the public. My advice. Thank you

  8. Cyprian Egolikuma Reply

    I thank those who write good things about Men of God, and not those who insight the public to say evil against them. Thanks…

  9. 1. Apostle has not written a book yet
    2. Apostle is worth more than $1.5million far more than that… this info is misleading
    3. Those cars are not even his cars

    • Lovemore Chibika Reply

      I can’t wait to visit Apostles church, God is using him, his messages are so touching, One day will be in Nigeria to attend his services. God bless yu Nigeria,God bless you Apostle

  10. Fashionandstylez Reply

    I have gone through your blog and I congratulate you on writing an excellent article about Apostle selman, It was very informative and interesting, and this is one of the reason I always visit your blog ,your updates are legit and accurate, I was really bless by it,thanks.

  11. Fashionworlds Reply

    I have been imparted by this teaching of this man in such a that if you joke with him I hate you for forever.

    I love you papa Joshua Selman

  12. All I Nd s the word of God the rest matters not n may God protect him

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