5 Easy Car Repairs Nigerian Auto mechanics Won’t Tell You

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Repairing a can requires the input of a professional auto mechanic. But, as a car owner, there are some basic things you should know how to do yourself. Knowing some of the basic things about car repair builds your knowledge of car maintenance. As a Nigerian car owner, it also boosts your ability to repair some things in your car without needing the services of a professional.

However, there are certain basic car maintenance tips your Nigerian auto mechanic won’t tell you about. This basic knowledge is what car owners in developed countries know, which is why many Tokunbo cars arrive in Nigeria still looking brand new. Here are some of those basic tips to know and apply to how you maintain your car.

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Headlight Bulb Replacement

It’s not every time your car headlight has an issue that you start running to an auto mechanic shop. Learning how to fix your car headlight bulb should be a basic knowledge of a car owner. Here’s how to do that;

  • Switch on the headlight and make a visual inspection.
  • Open the bonnet and reach for the side of the bad headlamp from behind.
  • Disconnect the wire cable that is fixed to the headlight from behind.
  • Take off the rubber seal behind the headlight (if your car has it).
  • Gently unhinge the pin holding the bulb in place within the headlight case.
  • Pull out the bulb and replace it with a new one.
  • Fit the pin used to hold the bulb in place.
  • Then fit the rubber seal back onto the headlight.
  • Plug back the cable, and you’re good to go.

Tire Replacement

Knowing how to replace a flat tire is essential for every car owner. Why? There are certain times when you find yourself in an awkward situation with no one to help, it’s left for you to fix your car and keep it pushing. Here are the steps to change and replace a car tire;

  • Bring out your jack and wheel spanner.
  • Unscrew the nuts on the flat tire but not completely
  • Place a wedge in front and at the rear of the alternate tire, i.e., the tire just diagonal to the flat tire.
  • Jack the car to a height where the tire is off the ground, and your two palms can fit under the space.
  • Unscrew the nuts totally and take out the flat tire.
  • Fit in the new tire/extra tire.
  • Screw up the nuts, but not completely, i.e., don’t tighten it.
  • Release the jack completely.
  • Tighten the nuts on the new tire till it locks.
  • Remove the wedge, and you are good to go.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

Your windshield wiper is another important part of the car you should know how to fix when the need arises. To fix it, all you have to do is open up the clip at the point where the wiper joins the wiper blade, then slide out the old wiper to replace it with a new one and click the clip back to lock it.

Replacing Car Battery

It’s also important to know how to replace a car battery. It might seem difficult, but it’s not. Here’s a simple step to replacing your car battery. 

  • Identify the positive and negative terminal of the car(there’s always a red attached to the positive).
  • Identify the positive and negative terminal of the battery you want to fix.
  • Fit the battery to the battery space according to matching terminals, i.e., positive to positive and negative to negative.
  • Ensure the battery is well bolted on the terminals and situated in the car.

Radio Unlocking

If you own a Honda or Acura car, there is a common radio code problem it develops. Once it happens, it often leads to panic. Don’t panic; here’s how to fix it; reach for your glove compartment to read the code, which will be attached somewhere in the glove compartment area. Sometimes, it is found in the owner’s car manual. Once you find it, input it on your radio using the dial.


While there are issues in your car that requires expert hands and attention, it’s important to know how to do the basics to save some money. Knowing these five tips will save you from running to an auto mechanic at any inconvenience.

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