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5 Best Ford Cars To Buy In Nigeria This 2022 

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Ford is one of the oldest automakers in the world and has significantly impacted the automotive sector. Having a plethora of expertise, however, does not imply that Ford automobiles are faultless The F-series trucks, which are favoured for their utilitarian design, Ecoboost engine, and hauling capacity, are the Ford brand’s most well-known products.

The same accolades can be given to their selection of SUVs and sedans, which can brag about newly designed models that have received high praise, flawless safety features, and a track record of excellent quality. The remarkable automakers are mostly known for producing SUVs and trucks with a capacious amount of space for passengers and goods, a fuel-efficient turbocharged engine, and a cutting-edge infotainment system that outperforms most rivals in the details of use while maintaining its excellent quality and style over time.

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You have heard about Ford’s reputation for durability and performance, and you will probably like to choose the best car out of their lineup. We have created a list of the best Ford vehicles to buy.

Ford Ranger

Pickup trucks are popular among Ford aficionados, and the Ranger is one of the few little pickups available. This model has reasonable fuel efficiency and maintenance expenses without sacrificing its ability to haul.

The Ford Ranger truck’s dependability, nevertheless, varies by model year. For instance, there have been multiple recalls for the 2019 models. Nevertheless, it still retains those classy and powerful features that have become popular.

But more recent models have seen a big improvement. paving the way for more capable and concluding features that make it more dependable transmission failure due to worn bands is the Ranger’s most costly and frequent issue. Reviews also suggest that three must be regular oil changes to sustain the truck.

Ford Explorer

The Explorer is a powerful vehicle that is large, packed with features, and able to transport seven passengers with the utmost luxury. The Explorer can be equipped with a Plug-In Hybrid powertrain that boasts an impressive 450 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque. This is possible due to Ford’s company policy and the company’s desire to impress even owners of luxury vehicles.

The most recent Ford Explorer generation performs passably but is frequently outperformed by its competitors, according to numerous reliability reports. The Explorer has more emphasis placed on the outlook rather than performance.

Transmission issues have been reported with early Explorers. It might jerk and lurch, which is unnerving. You might want to see your mechanic if your car won’t shift into gear, slips out of gear while you’re driving, or jumps gears without warning. Another typical Explorer issue is warping and bubbling paint (which might result in rust and corrosion).

The Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series
The Ford F-Series

The most endearing and well-liked Ford model is a distinctive proposition. It has plenty of space, is practical, and may be affordable with the proper engine. The best part is that it can tow another truck or trailer that contains a passenger automobile. The Ford F-Series pickup truck offers good capabilities in a variety of situations but with average reliability. 

Owners of the F-Series, both current and future, should be aware of paint bubbles and paint flaking.  There is also an issue with the F-150’s rust and corrosion because this issue is so widespread.

Ford Edge

Ford Edge
Ford Edge

The Edge has a respectable reliability reputation, much like the noticeably larger F-150 series trucks. The Ford Edge has consistently been ranked as one of the top SUVs you can buy.

Having said that, the Ford Edge frequently experiences electrical problems. For instance, the Edge has a bothersome door ajar light problem. The door ajar sensor detects when a door is open and alerts the ECU of your car. The door is then indicated as being open by turning on the dash icon. If the light stays on, you might need to handle a challenging issue.

The Ford Escape

2021 Ford Escape
2021 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape has gone through four generations, which has aided the corporation in gaining market share in a cutthroat market. The plug-in hybrid version of the fourth-generation Escape can travel for miles on electricity alone 

Although the 4th-generation model didn’t hit the showrooms until 2019, it would typically be premature to talk about the new model’s technical problems. Minor issues seemed to keep the Ford Escape from receiving top marks. The 12-volt battery may drain overnight, which annoys some owners. But battery problems It’s safe to state that the 4th-generation device is still quite dependable because battery problems are still relatively rare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ford cars have many issues?

No, as opposed to its competitors. Most owner complaints centre on jerky and shaky transmissions.

Is Toyota more dependable than Ford?

Independent studies disagree, and unless Ford tightens quality control and switches to higher-quality parts, this isn’t going to change.

Where can I buy a Ford Edge in Nigeria?

You can get both your brand new and second-hand Ford Edge at Carmart. We sell according to your needs and lifestyle. You can scroll through our website to see the list of available cars or reach us via our other platforms


You should be prepared for the most unforeseen surprises when you’re going to buy a car. After all, there isn’t such a thing as the ideal used car. Although, Ford has its highs the lows can constitute a problem especially since the automakers aren’t working on these issues.  So, it is important you take note of some things 

Get a vehicle history report, though, if you’re looking for the most spotless used car possible. You would need to understand that it might still have some issues. How precise is the vehicle’s mileage? Has it ever experienced a collision? How many people own it? These and other inquiries concerning the history of the car will be addressed by a vehicle history report and also information from the owner.

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