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10 Driving Mistakes Every Nigerian Driver Commits, Some Nigerians and reckless driving are like 5 and 6

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The average driver, cyclist, and even bike rider are known for making many driving mistakes. But, can they really be faulted? The system is such that any person can just get their hands on a driving license these days. Misty drivers don’t even know some basic driving rules apart from “don’t drink and drive,” which they flout recklessly. Driving concerns are very common in Nigeria, and one way to remedy this is through corrective driving and stern road safety officials. 

No matter how experienced you are behind the wheel, you will almost certainly make one of these top driving mistakes. You might even be shocked at how many of these common mistakes you are committing without realizing the dangers they present. That is why it is important that you know the most common mistakes made by Nigerian drivers. 

  • Not paying adequate attention

We are all aware that using a phone while driving is illegal in Nigeria. This is true since it may cause the driver to become distracted, which could result in a crash. While adjusting the radio, putting on cosmetics, or enjoying the view while driving can all distract you and enhance the risk you face on the road, using your phone is not the only potential source of in-car distraction. Listening to music or even staring in other directions may result in an accident if you are not careful. It is very important to pay attention when driving because even a little distraction can lead to a fatal accident. 

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  • Keeping your high beam on 

It can be very helpful for navigating your way through poorly lit streets at night. Did you realise that it can also play a role in causing traffic accidents? High lights can reduce visibility, confuse drivers of approaching vehicles, and increase the possibility of an accident. Although high beams have their place, they should be utilized with caution to reduce any unnecessary risk.

  • Leaving the car’s indicator on 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this one made the list, as it seems like many modern automobiles no longer even have indicators. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that indicators are a crucial safety element intended to alert other drivers when you intend to move. You put yourself and other drivers in greater danger of collision by disregarding your indicator. Remember to turn it off when not in use, as continuous flickering can be misleading and hazardous.

  • Misfuelling your car

Nobody likes to be in the situation of panicking after filling up their automobile and wondering if they made the right fuel type choice. Almost 400 people still experience it every day. In addition to the price of fuel, there is the potential additional expense of draining the tank, fixing the car, and replacing the incorrect fuel with the proper kind you initially required. This is a mistake that especially if you use a diesel engine will undoubtedly cost you, 

  • Tail-Gating  

No one likes being the victim of tailgating, yet when traffic is heavy, many people find themselves stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic with the car in front of them. Although it is frequently argued that the car in front was moving “too slowly,” this is less risky than tailgating. Make sure there is a sufficient interval; the two-second rule is so named for a reason.

  • Failing to adjust your mirrors 

Your car’s mirrors are more than just a way for you to admire yourself while you’re driving; they’re also crucial tools for enabling you to view what’s behind and to either side of your car. The likelihood that an accident will happen because of blurry vision will be lower if your mirrors are in the proper position. It’s always a good idea to check that they are configured properly before leaving.

  • Taking the passing lane cautiously

We can all agree that it is frustrating when someone drives slowly in a passing lane, but you might not be aware of the danger it poses. Other drivers may choose to overtake these drivers in the slower lanes in an unsafe manoeuvre that could endanger everyone nearby. Use your rearview mirrors to check whether there is a long line of vehicles following you and a cacophony of horns if you are unsure if you are moving too slowly for the lane you are in. You might have to go elsewhere if this is the case.

  • Ignoring the handbrake 

It’s simple to develop bad driving habits after a while, such as resting your feet on the clutch and brake pedals at stop signs and intersections. Yet, did you realize that not using your handbrake puts you in more danger of a collision? Unfortunately, we have little to no control over how other drivers behave on the road (as much as we’d like to). As a result, a slight nudge from a car behind can cause you to jolt into the car in front.

  • Turning while between two lanes 

A few important facts may come to mind when you think back to your days of learning to drive. When turning, keep your hands in the ten-and-two position and always check your blind area. But many motorists appear to have forgotten to stay in their lane when making a turn or navigating a roundabout. It is risky to use multiple lanes at once because you run the risk of colliding with vehicles using other lanes at the same time as they are turning. Stay in the lane you were in when you started, and only move to another once you have indicated that it is safe to do so.

  • Driving while tired 

Many of us drive to work first thing in the morning while we are still half asleep. This is a risk that isn’t worth taking, as thousands of motor vehicle accidents happen each year due to tired drivers. If you are not awake enough to drive, take appropriate steps to remedy this.

Delay your journey until you’ve had enough rest if possible; if you are already out and about, pull over somewhere safe and take a nap; it’s not worth the risk.

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