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4 Toyota Camry 2004


5 2010 Toyota Camry Se


5 2013 Toyota Camry LE


5 Foreign Used 2016 BMW x6


5 2006 Lexus ES330



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How To Buy Used Cars Online in Nigeria

All you have to do is to get registered with us through a seamless and stress-free process on You will then be able to easily browse through our heavy catalog of available cars through an advanced search method that is optimized for providing you the car you want at the click of a few buttons. Not only can you filter your search by car specific criteria such as car brand or model, but you can also filter your search by location. This way, you will only find cars in the location of your choice. Also, you can drastically cut down by finding cars for sale by owners. This is advisable if you are already familiar with a car dealer that is registered with us.

Most Reliable Place to buy used cars

The most reliable car sellers can always be found at, be it brand new, tokunbo, or neat Nigerian used. Furthermore, buyers can check for themselves to see if a car ad has been overpriced. This can be done by browsing through our constantly updated car prices list. There isn't anywhere else where you would find the cars you want as easily and as quickly as you would here on Your dream car is just a few clicks away.

Cheap Cars in Nigeria and Their Prices

I totally understand you’re on a tight budget. You’ve probably been checking out cars that you want but they are all expensive. And saving up to buy one of these cars could take you an eternity. It’s fine. You are covered with this article. If all you have is 1 million Naira or less, and you still hope to get a nice car that doesn’t look like something from the 80s and still in good condition. This article is really going to help you. It contains a list of cars below 1million Naira in Nigeria. To save you time, you can find a lot of cheap cars for sale on, and these cars are in good condition too.

S/NVehicles Model in NigeriaVehicles Price in Nigeria
1.Toyota CorollaN700,000 - N2,000,000
2.Toyota CamryN600,000 - N1,500,000
3.Toyota VenzaN2,500,000 - N3,700,000
4.Honda AccordN640,000 - N1,000,000
5.Lexus RX300N800,000 - N2,900,000
6.Toyota HighlanderN760,000 - N3,600,000
7.Lexus ES330N500,000 - N2,000,000
8.Honda PilotN800,000 - N2,800,000
9.Mercedes Benz C300N900,000 - N4,100,000
10.Kia RioN670,000 - N1,280,000
11.Ford ExplorerN670,000 - N3,280,000