7 Reasons Why A Mercedes Benz Is One Of The Safest Vehicle

7 Reasons Why A Mercedes Benz Is One Of The Safest Vehicle

Nobody plans for an accident to happen but the point to consider is how much safety can your car guarantee you? While some cars can go completely damaged from a slight bash from another car, the impact of this same effect on another could be much lesser or could even not occur in some due to warning signals and some actions that will be implemented by the car.

A Mercedes BENZ is a German global Automobile brand with its headquarters in Stuttgart, founded in the year 1926. One thing is certain about a Mercedes Benz, Irrespective of what model you drive; it possesses a very high level of reliable safety features.

Safety should be one of the factors to check out for when a car choice is to be made. Here are a few reasons why a Mercedes Benz is the safest vehicle you can drive;


One thing that is paramount to the Mercedes Benz brand is that the industry is known to provide various remarkable safety features. To help determine what could cause an accident to occur, the brand launched an accident investigation program. Some cars can inform you that a certain car is so close to you and that can cause an accident, there are cars with the ability to detect that a door isn’t properly locked as that could also cause an accident all of these and more are some of the functions of the accident investigation launch program. It helps calculate the impact speed, collision angles as this helps improve their groundbreaking speed technology.


The active lane Assist keeping in Mercedes Benz helps in monitoring the front area of your car via a small camera at the top of the windscreen of the car. It gives the signal by causing vibrating steering when there is a breach of conduct. When an active blind spot is discovered, a red icon will be displayed in the side mirror for your awareness.

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Imagine driving a car in your tired state and the car notifies you that you are driving like one that’s fatigued, isn’t that great? Of course yes, Mercedes Benz has such a great feature. A Mercedes Benz can sense your fatigued state by the way you drive. It takes an initial time to learn your driving pattern and then provide an alert suggesting you stop and rest for a while as driving in a drowsy state can cause an accident.

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This feature is responsible for providing light that can mirror natural daylight. These LEDs use less energy and are known to last longer.


This Mercedes Benz safety feature allows continuous input from a camera to vary the range of the high beam, which is automatically based on the distance of vehicles traveling around you and those that are oncoming.


A minute of distraction can cause harm of a lifetime, with this in mind Mercedes Benz has a feature to help watch out when you are distracted. Distronic plus feature uses advanced radar sensors to scan ahead for traffic whether slow or stopped. One very important advantage of the Distronic Plus its ability to institute a braking power of about 40% and also alert the driver audibly. This process is quickly followed by captivating the Presafe system and applies a 100% braking power by itself to reduce the effect associated with a collision.


The Mercedes Benz is indeed a car fit for all. The Presafe feature can automatically activate key safety technologies after scanning around your environment. These key safety technologies include automatic braking, pedestal recognition technology and so much more. The PRESAFE® technology also gives warning whenever there’s bound to be a collision. The vehicle activates preparation such as closing sunroof and window, adjusting front head restraints and seat belt- tightening.

Indeed a Mercedes Benz is a smart car choice with lots of safety benefits attached. Visit Carmart.ng today and enjoy all the Mercedes Benz benefits.

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