Which are the best cars to buy in Nigeria

Which are the best cars to buy in Nigeria?

Nigeria is known for being the ‘giant of Africa’, and it is the most populous black nation on earth. The total population of persons living in Nigeria currently sits at 207,186,677, and it is safe to say that up to a quarter of this number is made up of adults who drive cars on a daily basis.

In the olden days, having a car used to be a criterion for being rich or for being considered a person of affluence. But, things have changed, and that is no longer the case as cars are now of different types, grades and functionalities. Deciding on the best car to buy in Nigeria, should focus on the type of roads in the country, the price of the car, the ease of fixing the car, the durability of the car, the use of the car, the maintenance cost of the car amongst other necessary factors.

There are various popular car brands in Nigeria popularly patronized by Nigerians. Some of them are Toyota Camry, Honda, Nissan Xterra, Toyota Highlander, Range Rover Sports, Volkswagen Jetta, amongst other brands of cars in Nigeria. These brands of cars are mostly patronised because of their durability and ruggedness on Nigerian roads.       

With the names of these popular brands mostly patronized by Nigerians, it is important to know the best cars to buy in Nigeria. So, which are the best cars to buy in Nigeria?

Best 6 cars to buy in Nigeria

In this list, we present to you the top 6 cars to buy in Nigeria. If you are thinking of buying a car fit for the Nigerian environment or you have some criteria, search no more. This list comprises of the 6 cars to buy in Nigeria.

2014 Toyota Camry Price in Nigeria, Reviews in 2020

This car is mostly recognized for its doggedness, and has been given many names by Nigerians for this reason. It is widely patronized by Nigerians from the rich class or middle class, because it is affordable, fast, efficient, easy to drive, easy to maintain amongst other factors. A major reason why this particular Toyota brand is patronized is because it does not consume a lot of fuel even when in full functionality. The price of this car depends on its type of use; fairly used, foreign used, second-hand or even brand new.

Naija Branding
2021 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is one of the best cars to buy in Nigeria because of ruggedness, style, in-built space, engine, and widely available spare parts. It is widely known as a popular non-luxury sedan car in Nigeria, and it is a cost effective car to maintain because its spare parts are readily available in car shops around the country. Though, it is known for developing car faults from time to time, such problem is easily doused because its parts are available. A second hand Honda Accord in Nigeria, depending on the type is priced at about 2.5 million – 2.6 million Naira.

2021 Toyota VENZA - Exterior

This brand of Toyota is a mini-SUV that has been a selling brand since 2008. It is a 5-door car, with a front engine, all wheel drive (20 inches) and it oozes comfortability and efficiency.  It is widely popular because of its unique design which sits between looking like an SUV and a wagon, which gives its riders enough room while in transit. This car is the perfect choice because it is a step-up from the normal saloon cars that most Nigerians use.

2021 Toyota Venza Pricing, Release Date, Pictures In Nigeria


These particular brands from Nissan are widely recognized by Nigerians because of its shape, design and build for Nigerian roads. It is an affordable SUV that can be bought by the rich or by the middle class. Regardless of the type of road, this brand is known for taking up any feat without breaking down. Its mileage sits around 250,000 and it is an economic car because its spare parts are widely available, and it is not too costly to maintain. Its maintenance is not as frequent as the Honda brand, so this car is economical in every sense of the word.

2020 Nissan Pathfinder Model Prices, Reviews, And Pictures


This car is one of the oldest cars to come into Nigeria and in the olden days, it was regarded as the ‘car for the rich.’ Over the years, this brand particularly recognized for its unique design and durability has come to stay in the Nigerian space. It is also widely recognized and accepted because it is cheap to get, and its mileage mark sits at 150,000. For easy recognition in the Nigerian environment, it is mostly used as a cab by most Nigerians and it is affordable by the rich, the middle class, and the lower class. It costs about 400,000 to 500,000 naira.

2021 Toyota Sienna Overview, Pricing, Release Date & Pictures

 Considering the population of Nigerians, the greater populace comes from Nigerian families, as Nigeria is a country that accepts the monogamous and the polygamous types of marriage. This type of car- the Toyota Sienna is widely recognized by its size and design distinctively designed for large families. It is designed for comfortability, ease of use, durability, and availability of parts. When properly maintained, this car has its mileage at 300,000, and it is not only patronised by large families but also used as a means of public transport because of its in-built wide space.

2021 Toyota Sienna Overview, Pricing, Release Date & Pictures

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