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Where to Buy Used Cars for Sale by Owner in Nigeria

Where to Buy Used Cars for Sale by Owner in Nigeria

Buying a brand new car is probably exciting, knowing that a tear-rubber car is yours. But that same excitement can also come from buying a used car. There are varying levels of used cars in Nigeria, which is why it is important to always conduct proper research online before jumping at any offer that may seem exciting. You don’t have to break the bank or even get scammed because you want to buy a used car.

Are you confused on how and where to buy used cars for sale by the owners in Nigeria? This article will help put you through on anything you need to know.

But, apart from the high import duties that people try to run away from when buying used cars from overseas, why else do Nigerians love buying used cars directly from the owners?

  • Purchasing vehicles available to be purchased by the seller is the most ideal approach to get a handle on the specific vehicle conditions.
  • Purchasing a used vehicle from the seller would cost substantially less than purchasing at businesses. At the point when a vehicle is sold at the vendor, its sticker price covers the two its genuine worth and the profit for the seller.
  • Used vehicles available to be sold by owners can be modest and still efficient.

How to buy used cars for sale by the owners in Nigeria

  1. Meet-up for inspection: This is Nigeria and you have to have your eyes at the back of your head. It’s hasty to take the seller’s initial word for it. Somebody who needs to sell their vehicle may not be 100% legit about the vehicle’s condition
  2. Bring a mechanic from your end: You might be proficient about vehicles; however, there might be concealed issues you don’t know about. Such issues must be recognized by a Car Mechanic. Spare yourself the difficulty, and have the vehicle confirmed alright by your personal Mechanic.
  3. Verify the vehicle number plate of the car: Running a vehicle plate number check is significant as it uncovers the historical evidence of the vehicle to you.
  4. Ask the seller to allow you to take the car for inspection: Request that the seller permits you to drive the vehicle for a day or two. That way, you’ll become acquainted with any issues the vehicle may have.
  5. Ensure that the car papers are complete and accurate: It’s imprudent to make installments for a vehicle without checking its documents. Take the records to the significant experts for confirmation. Ensure the vehicle papers are generally unique also.
  6. Don’t meet up in a secluded environment: The exchange shouldn’t be done in an isolated area. For your security, meet the dealer at an open spot, where people are busy.

Beware of online scammers!

With the web being accessible to anybody, con artists are utilizing the means to cheat individuals of their well deserved cash. Despite the fact that they come in various structures if you see the following indications below, there is a high possibility that the arrangement is a 419 camouflaged as a vehicle being sold:

  1. Offering a very low price: Setting up a low price is a strategy con artists regularly use to hoodwink individuals. Used vehicles are more affordable than new ones, however, in the event that the cost is unrealistic, it’s presumably false.
  2. Requesting for a part payment: In the event that a merchant requests any sort of installment before they hand over the vehicle to you, he/she is probably a trick. It is untrustworthy to make an initial installment for an item you haven’t seen and affirmed alright.
  3. Refusing to talk over the phone: Con artists online may abstain from conversing with their casualties on the telephone since they would prefer not to leave any hints of themselves. In light of the fact that calling is the most mainstream method of contact, experienced vehicle con artists have no dread of conversing with their casualties on the telephone to extortion them right at that point.
  4. Requesting for cash payment: In an offer to abstain from getting captured, tricksters abstain from taking cheques or bank transfer installments. They demand money installments. That way, they can give you a dead vehicle and run away without any problem. This doesn’t mean the individuals who require bank transfers are authentic vendors.

Where to buy used cars for sale by the owner in Nigeria

Car selling sites are the main point of call to purchase modest used vehicles by sellers in Nigeria. They offer different vehicle postings for purchasers to make their pick from. A speedy hunt utilizing the pursuit bar on your preferred locales gives you explicit vehicles. You can then essentially contact the merchant for exchange with no additional charge for an outsider. Some of these car selling websites include:

  1. Carmart Automotive is Nigeria’s No 1 online car marketplace that offers trusted, reliable, and cost-effective, and quality vehicles. Carmart Ng prides itself as an online platform that offers a state-of-the-art medium for sellers and buyers of all kinds of vehicles to trade directly with each other. 
  2. Jiji Nigeria is an online commercial center for a wide range of items. Nigerians who need to sell things can sign on to the stage and show the said things. Intrigued purchasers get in touch with them to arrange a cost. Jiji likewise offers utilized vehicles by proprietor available to be purchased.
  3. Cheki Nigeria now Autochek Africa is an assigned vehicle stage in Nigeria. It offers a wide asset of vehicle data to engage clients in selling and purchasing vehicles. Various brands of vehicles are transferred by merchants.
  4. Nairaland Autos: is a mainstream Nigerian discussion. It has areas on different themes including vehicles. Clients can make strings on subjects of interest. Its Car Talk and Autos segments are intended for vehicle themes including the offer of vehicles. Nonetheless, on the grounds that the management of a discussion isn’t as high as a vehicle site, any individual can post vehicle adverts there without being checked.
  5. Affordable Cars Nigeria: is a particular vehicle site with an arrangement of vehicles sold. It offers a scope of vehicle brands with the correct data on vehicle instruction. Purchasers can visit their showrooms to check vehicles before paying for them. AffordableCarsNG goes about as a middle channel to speak to merchants, that is the reason you can’t contact the vehicle proprietor straightforwardly yet need to stand by the sales reps to associate and arrange.

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