Top 10 Richest South African Musicians and their cars 2020

Top 10 Richest South Africa Musicians and Their Cars 2020

Musicians In Nigeria 2020

#1Steve HofmeyrR273 million
#2AKA R155.6 million
#3Rebecca MalopeR65.25 million
#4Die AntwoordR56 million
#5Dj Euphonik R34 million
#6Black Coffee R28.5 million
#7Dj SBUR27.3 million
#8Oskido  R27.3 million
#9Cassper NyovestR9.55 million
#10Juanita Du Plessis R9 million

The Entertainment Industry in the world affords people the finest things of life, especially if you are a big shot in your country. The Entertainment industry cuts across music, movies, television, Shows, hosting, anything that deviates from the norm, and shifts into a make-believe scene is entertainment.

Around the world, Entertainment stars have the life that many yearn for. These stars drive the biggest cars, wear the best clothes, live in nice houses, and travel to destination spots. Even in Africa, many entertainment stars have it no different and they act as the voice of the people also. Who doesn’t like luxury life?

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Without further ado, let me take you to the top 10 richest South-African Musicians and their cars. If you think Nigerian Musicians love cars, wait till you are done with this article, you’ll change your view.

Steve Hofmeyr Net worth

Steve Hofmeyr

Steve Hofmeyr is currently the richest Musician in South-Africa with a net worth of R273 million. He has been a Musician, an Actor, and a TV presenter, all in the entertainment industry in South-Africa. Forbes 2020 dubbed him the richest Musician in South-Africa.

Steve Hofmeyr cars

Steve Hofmeyr cars

Some of his cars include:

Naija Branding
  • A Maserati
  • A Toyota Hilux
  • A black Chrysler C300
  • A 1962 Cadilac Deville Sedan

AKA Net worth

Rapper AKA

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, also known as AKA is a South-African Rapper, who is known internationally and has received several international awards for his skills in rapping. The South-African Musician has a net worth of R155.6 million.

AKA Cars

Rapper AKA cars

Some of his cars include:

  • A BMW X6M
  • A BMW i8
  • A BMW X5

Rebecca Malope Net worth

Rebecca Malope

Rebecca Malope is a popular South-African Gospel artist. Some refer to her as the African Queen of Gospel music, through her career which has gone on for over 30 years.  She has released up to 35 gospel albums and has been a show judge in some popular TV shows in Africa. Rebecca Malope has an estimated net worth of R65.25 million.

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Rebecca Malope cars

Rebecca Malope cars

Some of her luxury cars include:

  • A Land Range Rover
  • Toyota Prado

Die Antwoord Net worth

Die Antwoord

The music group has been in the Music business since 2009. Die Antwoord is a popular South-African group comprising of a male and female Rapper, Ninja and Yolandi Visser, and a Producer named Dj Hi-Tek. Die Antwoord have a net worth of R56 million.

Die Antwoord cars

Die Antwoord cars

Some of their cars are:

  • A Subaru WRX
  • A 1989 BMW 3

Dj Euphonik  Net worth

Dj Euphonik

Dj Euphonik has an estimated net worth of R34 million. He has done some collaboration with international names like Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, and others. He is also well vested in Real estate in Johannesburg, South-Africa, owning up to 14 properties.

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Dj Euphonik cars

Dj Euphonik  cars

Some of his cars include:

  • A Rolls Royce
  • A 2015 mini cooper
  • Aston DBS
  • Aston Martin

Black Coffee Net worth

DJ Black Coffee

With a career spanning over 22 years, Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, also known as Black Coffee is one of South-Africa’s richest Musicians and Dj. He has a net worth of R28.5 million, owning to his Music career and his record label, Soulistic music.

Black Coffee cars

Black Coffee cars

Some of his cars are:

  • A Mercedes-Benz G-station Wagon
  • A Bentley GT Continental
  • A Maserati
  • Mercedes-Benz CLK

Dj SBU Net worth


Sibusiso Leope also known as Dj SBU is a South-African Dj and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of TS Records, and MoFaya Energy drink. Dj SBU has an estimated net worth of R27.3 million.

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Dj SBU Cars

Some of his cars include:

Dj SBU Cars
  • A Porsche Boxster
  • A Range Rover Sport
  • Aston Martin Vantagea

Oskido Net worth


Oskido has been in the South-African music industry for over 20 years with a net worth of R27.3 million. He is the owner of Kalawa Jamzee records.

Oskido Cars

Some of his cars include:

Oskido Cars
  • A Mercedes-Benz
  • A Bentley

Cassper Nyovest Net worth

Cassper Nyovest

Refiloe Maele Phoolo who goes by the stage name Cassper Nyovest is one of South-Africa’s richest Musicians. He is a Musician and a brand ambassador to many South-African companies. Cassper Nyovest has a net worth of R9.55 million.

Cassper Nyovest Cars

Some of his personal cars are:

Cassper Nyovest cars
  • A Mercedes-Benz V-class
  • A BMW 4281
  • A Mercedes-Benz microbus
  • A Bentley GT Continental
  • A Rolls Royce

Juanita du Plessis Net worth

Juanita du Plessis

She is listed as one of South-Africa’s richest Musicians, with her albums achieving gold statuses and selling over one million copies in her musical career.

Juanita du Plessis car

Some of her cars include:

Juanita du Plessis car
  • Mercedes-Benz c180
  • A BMW

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