How to avoid breaking a traffic law in Nigeria

How to avoid breaking a traffic law in Nigeria

Like I always point out, driving in Nigeria is not for the faint-hearted because one minute you can be driving, and the next minute you can be on the road having a shout fest with another road user. You should not be alien to this especially if you drive in Lagos, Nigeria.

There’s also a popular saying amongst road users in Lagos state that goes, ‘when driving in Lagos State, assume everyone is mad except you.’ This goes to show you how funny driving in Nigeria can be. To curb the driving excesses the Government over the years have put traffic laws in place to protect its citizens and ensure a safer Nigeria.

Driving in Nigeria can be stressful, but it can also be avoided. It does not have to be a tug of war all the time, and you don’t have to pay fines all the time to avoid getting penalized. So, how can you avoid breaking an traffic law in Nigeria?

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  1. Don’t stop for security checks at dangerous zones: Nowadays, individuals imitate essentially all law authorization authorities and security parastatals. Military faculty in the military and the traffic authorities are not forgotten about. In this manner, you need to guarantee your well-being when you get pulled over. Just stop at a territory that is sufficiently bright and has a respectable measure of human traffic. In the event that you do this without seeming self-important or being inconsiderate, no traffic police will pick an issue with you attempting to guarantee your security. On the off chance that you judge the stretch of the street to be risky, demand that you ought to be taken to the closest office or police headquarters relying upon the official capturing you. In the event that the policemen are casually dressed or you have an inclination that something simply doesn’t click about them, request their ID.
  2. Don’t be distracted while driving: There are so many things to get you distracted while driving. I have seen people watching movies while driving, I have seen people eating while driving, receiving calls while driving, texting while driving and some even sleep while driving. It is understandable that we are humans, but when engaging in a high-risk activity, like driving it requires a 100% focus because any mistake can lead to a ghastly motor accident.
  3. Learn the traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria: There are registered and certified driving schools all around Nigeria, but do these schools teach students the traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria? It is one thing to know how to drive; it is another thing to understand road signs and traffic rules and regulations. Many people think that all there is to driving is learning how to drive or maneuver other cars but there is more. Traffic rules have been put in place by government officials to ensure that road users are 100% safe when using the road. It is important to learn and understand the traffic rules that exist in Nigeria and specifically in some states as understanding the rules helps you to avoid breaking traffic laws in Nigeria.
  4. Obey traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria: Apart from learning and understanding the traffic rules and regulations existent in Nigeria, it is important to always obey the rules. Disobeying the rules also has its own penalties and fines, and some rules attract a punishment of imprisonment. Obeying traffic rules and regulations at all times helps to reduce the number of road accidents that occur almost on a daily basis in Nigeria. Signs, traffic wardens, and traffic lights should be obeyed at every point. It is also important to stay calm while driving, as it is not a competition because at the end of the day you will still get to your destination. A lot of Nigerians always make driving competition and end up causing a ruckus on the road. Due to impatience, many Nigerians have lost their lives on the road because they were trying to overtake a truck or another vehicle.
  5. Always ensure your car is in a good shape: Before heading out to the road, always ensure your car is in a good condition because some traffic laws in Nigeria are tied to having a good and effective vehicle.

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