10 Most Funny Car Names in Nigerians

10 Most Funny Nicknames Nigerians give Cars in 2021

Most cars in Nigeria roads always end up with a special nickname, whose name comes from how the car looks, the car sounds, or the kind of group of people that drive such car.

Toyota cars are like Tecno Mobile phones in Nigeria road, you most spot Toyota cars in every corner of Nigeria roads.

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Any SUV Cars as Jeep

Any SUV Cars - 'Jeep'

Jeep is a brand of American automobile and also a division of FCA US LLC but here in Nigeria, Any SUV cars are always referred to as “Jeep” Infact when you talking about SUV cars without calling it JEEP some people will be confused.

Mercedes Benz 200E 1982 as V-boot

Mercedes Benz 200E 1982

In the early 90’s Mercedes Benz was the most trend cars in Nigeria if anybody in your family has this V-boot (Mercedes Benz 200E) you will always be seen as the richest guy. The name V-boot was giving to Mercedes Benz 200E because the boot shape looks like V shape.

Toyota Camry 1999 as Pencil

Toyota Camry 1999
Toyota Camry 1999

Toyota Camry 1999 was once the biggest boys cars, its funny to hear his nickname as Pencil, which I believe it was because of his Long Shape.

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Toyota Camry 2004 as Big Daddy or Big for Nothing

Toyota Camry 2004 - 'Big Daddy or Big for Nothing'

‘Big for nothing’ or ‘Big daddy too funny but that the name Nigerians call this particular Toyota Camry 2004 because it’s fat and has much space.

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Toyota Camry 2007 as Muscle

Camry 2007 - 'Muscle'

The name was given because of the curved body shape of this Toyota Camry 2007

 Honda Accord 1998 as Baby Boy

 Honda Accord 1998 - 'Baby Boy'

Star Tyrese Gibson was first to call Honda Accord 1998 Baby boy, some years later, it became more popular in Nigeria.

Honda Accord 2003 as End of discussion

Honda Accord 2003

End of discussion for Honda Accord 2003 became more popular after MI ft Wizkid drops some line of rap on “Fast Money, Fast Cars” Singing: “She said what you driving baby boy cause an End of Discussion will signal end of discussion”.

Honda Accord 2006 -2010 as Discussion Continues

Honda Accord 2006 -2010

The discussion never ends instead it continues that what Honda Accord 2006 -2010 is.

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