2021 Toyota Yaris Cross unveiled with hybrid and AWD

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross unveiled with hybrid and AWD

Toyota Motor Corporation has finally unveiled the new compact Yaris Cross SUV. Toyota has used the “Yaris” name on export versions of various Japanese-market models, with some markets receiving the same vehicles under the Toyota Echo name through 2005.

The 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross was Revealed today on virtual press conference (in place of a physical event, due to the COVID-19 pandemic) the new SUV will go on sale in 2021.

It features a more conventional design in what we’d argue is a wise move that should lure more buyers into Toyota showrooms since not all people are fond of the C-HR’s quirky styling.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross

Buyers will be able to order the Yaris Cross with wheels as large as 18 inches and a shiny new paint called Brass Gold, while the optional electric tailgate will make loading and unloading cargo easier. Once you open the cargo area, the floor can be adjusted in height and can also be split into two depending on what you need to carry.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross1

There’s even a belt system allowing owners to secure objects in place without having to worry about the items flying all over the cargo area while driving.

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Price

Please stay update, we will publish the price here once its available

Naija Branding
2021 Toyota Yaris Cross interor

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross release date

European sales will commence in 2021 – due to the uncertainty of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak that may yet impact the Yaris’ planned sale date of September 2020.

Toyota Yaris Cross SUV (2021) Full Presentation – New Small SUV to fight Nissan Juke

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