2010 Toyota Matrix Review and Price in Nigeria

2010 Toyota Matrix Review and Price in Nigeria 2020


The 2010 Toyota Matrix still remains one of the best of all the Matrix models to date. In fact, it is still a great choice among all car brands in the hatchback segment.

The stylishness, spaciousness and fuel economy are performance factors that attract users to the car in no small number. In Nigeria, the Matrix is a common car, a testimony to how much we appreciate the usefulness of the car.


Do not be deceived by its size, it can carry just as much load as a compact SUV, making it an ideal car for small families. The different trim levels are also provided to satisfy the varying preferences of users with just some extra bucks on top of it.


The three trim levels of the 2010 Toyota Matrix are the base model, S, and XRS, but only the S trim has an All-wheel-drive option.

While the base model is filled with a lot of features, the other trims still have some more optional features on them. Some of the eye-catching features of the base drive include power mirrors, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, 16-inch steel wheels, a CD stereo that comes with an auxiliary port, and a front passenger set that folds flat.

Going up the trim levels, we begin to see some standard features on the S model which are optional for the base model. Some S model standard features are unavailable on the base model altogether. The features of the S model include a stereo upgrade, 115-volt utility outlet, underbody spoilers, keyless entry, cruise control, and a rear window wiper. While the all-wheel-drive option of the S model does not have the underbody spoilers, it makes up for it by featuring an independent rear suspension and fog lights.

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The XRS model gets better with it features. It has 18-inch alloy wheels, seat fabrics that look more beautiful, steering wheel wrapped in leather, rear roof spoiler, sport-tuned suspension and steering, and some more.

Performance and fuel economy

The base model has a 1.8 L four-cylinder engine that outputs 132 horsepower with a standard 5-speed manual transmission. Four-speed automatic transmission is, however, optional for the base model. And with this engine, the base model boasts of the best fuel economy of all the trim levels with 28 mpg combined for the manual transmission.

Both Matrix S and XRS feature a more powerful engine but at the expense of reduced fuel economy. They both have a 2.4 L engine that has a maximum power output of 158 hp. The combined fuel economy for these trim levels on both city and highway then falls to 24 mpg.

While the acceleration of the base model might seem quite sluggish, the S and XRS models have more agile acceleration.


The classy looks of the interior of the 2010 Toyota Matrix is worth mentioning. The moment you step into the cabin, you’re greeted with a telescoping steering wheel in front of you and an extra comfy seat beneath you. If you need to explore the dashboard, you wouldn’t have to take your eyes off the road for long as the controls are intuitively arranged and easy to find.

Step in the back and you’re welcomed by enough space to feel comfortable in. if you always have to carry this luggage or that, the 2010 Matrix has got you covered with its remarkable space in the boot. If that isn’t enough, fold the backseat and voila! More space for you.


Just like all other cars, the 2010 Matrix model was put through a series of safety tests. But like a geek, the car passed all the tests in flying colours.

Some of the safety features it possesses include stability control, Antilock disc brakes, front-seat airbags, and full side curtain airbags.

Price of 2010 Toyota Matrix in Nigeria

While you would hardly find a brand new 2010 Toyota Matrix for sale, getting a used one is quite easy. The price, however, depends on a number of factors, including the condition of the car, the mileage on it, and some others.

When all these factors are put into consideration, the generic prices are the following:

The price of foreign used (tokunbo) 2010 Toyota Matrix in Nigeria: ₦2,300,000 – ₦3,300,000

The price of Nigerian used 2010 Toyota Matrix: ₦1,200,000 – ₦1,950,000


Is the 2010 Toyota Matrix a good purchase? It definitely is. It has a lot of enticing features to suit the different preferences of users.

Where do I buy a good 2010 Toyota Matrix in Nigeria? Carmart Nigeria, of course. They have great bargains and well-regulated prices.


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