Why You Should Patronize Innoson Motors

Why You Should Patronize Innoson Motors in 2020


For a long time, Nigeria has just been part of the audience in the theatre of car manufacturing. As a matter of fact, we were on the front row seats, eagerly applauding, criticizing and nodding heads as other car manufacturing companies from foreign countries did their thing on the stage. For a long time now, all the cars that treaded on Nigerian roads were all imported at some point. There have been times in Nigeria when even the littlest car parts had to be imported.

Today, however, these times are fading away. It would be an overemphasis to say that these times are completely gone. But they are fading away slowly but surely. All thanks to Nigeria’s maiden car manufacturing company, Innoson Motors. This is a very good development for the company and Nigeria as a whole. However, there are some major setbacks involved.


A typical Nigerian would prefer to buy a foreign used item that isn’t in a good condition to a brand new Nigerian made item. Why? This is because of the general lack of trust in items produced in Nigeria. This is a major setback for any Nigerian company that manufactures an item that could be imported.

Amidst all the skepticism and lack of trust surrounding Nigerian made items, which Innoson Motors are not exempted from, here are some genuine reasons why you should still go ahead and purchase from Innoson Motors

Why You Should Patronize Innoson Motors

Innoson Motors Latest Saloon Car Spotted Today 2020.
Innoson Motors Latest Saloon Car Spotted Today 2020.

1.   You get the best cars for the best prices

The first thing you should know is that IVM cars are actually of very high quality. And to be honest, it might not be in a head to head competition with big, foreign car manufacturing cars, such as Toyota and Honda, IVM still holds its own ground quite well.

Now that we’ve settled that, let’s do a little bit of reasoning. An average Nigerian can’t afford to buy a brand new, foreign-made car. Even if they could, they can only buy the older model years, say, from 2013 and back. So, because of the budget, they settle for used imported cars. But if more trust could be placed in Nigerian made products, we would buy high-quality cars for far lesser than tokunbo Cars.

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Take the Toyota Camry sedan, for instance, the 2008 model of the model generally costs N3 million or less. Innoson UMU 2019 model, also a sedan, costs just about N3 million to N4 million. Now tell me. What’s better?

2.   Innoson Motors are made in Nigeria for Nigerians driving on Nigerian roads

Yep. One great advantage of having Innoson Motors in Nigeria is that they are really familiar with the needs of Nigerians when it comes to rides. Unlike international brands like Toyota which are manufactured with nothing more than global standards, Innoson Motors are designed with the average Nigerian in mind.

Innoson Motors are designed to be as durable as can be. They can best a lot of Nigerian roads with minimal damages over time. As a matter of fact, the shock absorbers are reinforced, promising the passengers nothing short of a smooth ride on just about any kind of road, no matter how rough and rugged.

Furthermore, their fuel efficiency is second to none. Fuel efficiency is one factor that cannot be underestimated when it comes to choosing cars, and Innoson Motors have done absolute justice to this.

3.   You don’t even have to pay for the car all at once before you can own it!

Innoson Motors have a deal with Sterling Bank that allows you to pay just about 25% of the cost of the car and pay the rest subsequently over 3 years. The interest rate isn’t too high, almost anyone could get access to the car.

4.   You are spoiled for choice

Is it a sedan that you want? Or a hatchback? Or pick-up truck? Okay, wait. It’s an SUV that you want? Whatever category you want, Innoson has got you covered.

5.   Massive 3-year warranty!

Yes. The isn’t a deal you come across every day. The engine, axle, and gear are all covered for three whole years after you buy any of their rides. C’mon! That has to convince you to buy Innoson Motors. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what else would.

6.   Low cost of repair and maintenance

Unlike international brands, the parts of Innoson vehicles aren’t imported. They are made and sold here in Nigeria. All you have to do is walk into any of their service centers to get whatever parts you need.

7.   You’re being a patriotic Nigerian

For most Nigerians that are active on social media, their patriotism never goes past Twitter or Facebook. Buying a Nigerian made car is a great show of patriotism.

Final words

If you are not already convinced that Innoson Motors are worth trying, then I don’t know what else can. To be honest, there are many more reasons to purchase from Innoson Motors. These are just a few of them.

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