Toyota Camry 2004 (Big Daddy) Price in Nigeria

Toyota Camry 2004 (Big Daddy) Price in Nigeria 2020


Before I go too far, “Big Daddy” is what Nigerians call the Toyota Camry 2004 model. Some go as far as calling it “Big for Nothing”. These names are quite funny, just like the many other nicknames Nigerians give to cars.

Pegging nicknames to cars in Nigeria has been a common thing for a long time. Cars that catch our interest, either positively or negatively, do not escape without having a nickname. Most of these nicknames are given as a description of the cars. Pencil, for instance, is what Nigerians call the Toyota Camry 1999 because of its slimness.


This article, however, is not for car nicknames. That’s something for another day. Right now, we’re going to be paying our full attention to the Toyota Camry 2004 model, aka Big Daddy.

This article reviews the Toyota Camry 2004 model, giving you a nice outlook of what to expect if you purchase the car. And you shouldn’t be surprised that this car is still being hugely sold in Nigeria. There is hardly anywhere in Nigeria where you wouldn’t find Toyota Camry 2004 cars for sale. In fact, the Toyota Camry is unconventionally, but arguably, one of the top four Toyota car models in Nigeria.

Toyota Camry 2004 Overview

Toyota Camry 2004 model was produced as one of the 5th generation models of the Camry, manufactured by the Japanese Car Manufacturer, Toyota. The Toyota Camry 2004 model has different trims that have a four-cylinder 2.4 L petrol engine, 3.0 L V6 petrol engine or a 3.3 L V6 petrol engine. The variants of the Toyota Camry 2004 include LE 4dr Sedan, XLE 4dr Sedan, SE V6 4dr Sedan, LE V6 4dr Sedan, XLE V6 4dr Sedan, SE 4dr Sedan, LE 4dr Sedan and SE 4dr Sedan. The outputs of these engines range from 157 hp to 225 hp. While



The first good thing about the interior of the Toyota Camry 2004 model is the ample space in the car. Normally, only four people should be in the car at once but the car can still conveniently sit up to five at once. The cabin is also big enough to contain the driver, whether tall, short, fat or slim. In addition, you would not suffer from insufficient cargo space often as there is 16.7 cubic feet of cargo space in it.

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For the XLE trim, there are power front seats, automatic climate control, heated mirrors, an engine alarm, keyless entry, and rear sunshade. Toyota takes it a step further in the SE trim. This trim has brushed chrome interior trim, fabric upholstery sport gauges, and both the steering wheel and the gear shift are both wrapped in leather.


It is said that the big size of the Toya Camry 2004 model was what earned it the big daddy nickname in Nigeria, but there is no way to be sure of that. What we know for sure, however, is that the wheelbase is 107.1 inches long and the overall length of the car is 189.2 inches. And at this length, it just stands at the same size range as the Honda Accord.

The SE trim has fog lamps, a black grille with chrome trim and a rear spoiler.


The XLE enjoys most of the safety features of the Camry, but that is not to say other trims don’t have enough safety features in them. While the side impact seat and the curtain-like airbag are standard in the XLE trim, they are only optional for the other trims. Also, antilock brakes are available in the XLE trim and any other model that has the V6 engine while the feature is only optional in any other trim that has a four-cylinder engine.

Price of the Toyota Camry 2004 model (Big Daddy) in Nigeria

The price of foreign used (Tokunbo) Toyota Camry 2004 price in Nigeria falls within a range of 1.5 million Naira and 2 million Naira. The price of the Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2004 model falls within a range of 750,000 Naira and 1.5 million Naira. Of course, you will get a very good bargain if you buy at Carmart Nigeria.

You can check out the prices of other Toyota Camry models in Nigeria.

Nigerian Used Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

Now, these are the really cheap ones. Not only are they cheap, but there is also even lesser stress attached to buying them when compared to buying tokunbo or brand new cars.

And as you would expect, the condition of the car plays a huge role in determining its cost.

Model Year RangePrice
1996 – 1998N300,000 – N450,000
1998 – 2001N450, 000 – N800,000
2002 – 2006N750,000 – N1,100,000
2007 – 2011N1,500,000 – N2,000,000
2012 – 2014N3,200,000 – N5,000,000
2015 – 2017N5,000,000 – N7,000,000

What you would like about the Toyota Camry 2004 model

1. It is a comfortable ride.

2. It has ample interior space

3. It is quite enough in the car.

4. It is a really popular vehicle so the cost of maintenance and repair is way cheap


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