Best Car to Buy in Nigeria [ Easy Maintenance and Low Fuel Consumption ]

Cheap Cars For Sale In Lagos – Prices and where to buy


There are several factors to look at when buying or selling used cars. The market place has a collection of top cars from popular brands, which makes it very competitive for sellers to breakthrough.

Nevertheless, it’s easy for anyone to know how to buy or sell cars on Carmart Nigeria. The platform is ranked as one of the top best in terms of quality and reliability in the sales of used cars to customers. In fact, most cars here are very affordable and easy to buy and sell.


Want to buy a car online in Lagos? Or you wish to sell your used car? At Carmart Nigeria, you’ll find thousands of top most ranked cars you can find anywhere in the world. Perhaps you have been using that car for some time now and wish to sell it off, Carmart Nigeria is the best platform to help you out. What is required is just to read through the steps contained in this article.

List of Cheap Cars to Buy

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is arguably the most popular Toyota car model here in Nigeria. Almost everything about the Corolla sequence is appealing to the eyes.

Firstly, the exteriors are usually awe-inspiring. Their sleek looks and colour options are sure to attract attention.

A look into one of the latest Corolla models would expose you to a compelling view. The cabin is big enough to fit just about anyone, while still being compact enough to place all controls at arm’s reach. The air-conditioned interior also make the model comfortable to be in.

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Furthermore, Corolla models are optimized for safety and performance. The brake discs are ventilated and the gears are optimized for smooth shifts uphill and downhill. Smart sensors are ready to deploy the airbag at high impacts.

Price of Toyota Corolla

  • Brand New: N4,500,000 – N9,000,000
  • Foreign Used(Tokunbo): N1,700,000 – N18,000,000
  • Nigerian Used: N850,000 – N15,000,000

Please note that these are the generic prices of all Corolla models

Toyota Camry

Here’s another model that competes with the Corolla when it comes to popularity in Nigeria. Hitting the roads of Nigeria for the first time in 1982, the Camry sequence is known for its durability and reliability. From the sleek aesthetics of the exterior alone, you would find yourself in awe of this model.

It gets even better with the interior which has luxury written all over it. There’s a lot of space in the interior for passengers to maximize their comfort.

In addition, the Camry sequence features S series gas engines, known for their reliability and durability. The sequence also boasts of the fuel efficiency, and strong grips that are characteristic of Toyota vehicles. In all, the Camry sequence is a superb one.

Price of Toyota Camry

  • Brand New: N6,000,000 – N13,000,000
  • Foreign Used(Tokunbo): N700,000 – N18,000,000
  • Nigerian Used: N300,000 – N10,000,000

Please note that these are the generic prices of all Camry models

Toyota Hilux

The Hilux is one of the most popular work-oriented and heavy duty pick-up trucks in Nigeria. You will often find the Hilux sequence to be owned by organizations more than individuals. This is because of its versatility and reliability.

Firstly, it possesses the basic qualities of Toyota brand, such as low fuel consumption and great performance on all Nigerian roads. The rugged and robust physique alone testifies to the strength of the vehicle while it’s interior looks just as sleek and luxurious as the two models mentioned above.

Safety-wise, the Hilux sequence is a commendable one. The wide tyres assure strong grips, the brake discs are ventilated, and the build materials are tough and durable.

Price of Toyota Hilux

  • Brand New: N17,000,000 – N25,000,000
  • Foreign Used (Tokunbo): N2,500,000 – N18,000,000
  • Nigerian Used: N1,500,000 – N12,000,000

Please note that these are the generic prices of all Hilux models

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Toyota RAV4

SUVs are great for individuals, families and even organizations. This versatility makes the RAV4 sequence one to envy. The first of its kind was manufactured in 1994 and it has quickly gained popularity since then.

The RAV4 is manufactured in different editions, such as the limited, hybrid and adventure editions. Furthermore, this sequence possesses features that place it among the best and most widely used in Nigeria. In looks, performance, design and functionalities, the RAV4 is undoubtedly a top Toyota model in Nigeria.

Price of Toyota RAV4

  • Brand New: N20,000,000 – N25,000,000
  • Foreign Used(Tokunbo): N3,500,000 – N18,000,000
  • Nigerian Used: N1,500,000 – N10,000,000

Please note that these are the generic prices of all RAV4 models

Lexus Cars and Prices in Nigeria

Lexus ES350 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2007 – 2009N2 million – N3.5 million
2010 – 2013N3.5 million – N10.5 million
2014 – 2015N7 million – N14 million

Lexus ES250 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2012 – 2015N4.5 million – N14 million
2016 – 2017N12 million – N20 million

Lexus LC500 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2017 – 2018N35 million – N51 million

Lexus LS460 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2007 – 2009N2.5 million – N5 million
2010  – 2012N3.5 million – N6 million
2013 – 2016N6 million – N13 million

Lexus LX470 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2004 – 2007N3.5 million – N6.5 million

Lexus RX350 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2008 – 2011N3.5 million – N10 million
2012 – 2014N8 million – N15 million
2015 – 2017N10 million – N26.5 million

Lexus RX450H Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2008 – 2011N2 million – N11 million
2012 – 2016N7 million – N18 million

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Lexus RX400H Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2004 – 2008N1 million – N6 million

Lexus RX300 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
1998 – 2001N900,000 – N3 million
2002 – 2005N2.5 million – N4.5 million
2006  – 2008N3 million – N5.5 million

Lexus RX330 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2004 – 2008N2 million – N9.5 million

Lexus RC350 Prices

Year RangePrice Range
2014 – 2016N12 million – N20 million

Lexus IS Prices

ModelPrice Range
Lexus IS200N1.5 million – N3 million
Lexus IS250N3 million – N14 million
Lexus IS300N3 million – N14 million
Lexus IS350N3 million – N14 million
Lexus IS200tN3 million – N12 million
Lexus IS300hN5 million – N17.5 million

Lexus SUV Prices

ModelPrice Range
Lexus GX460N3 million – N11 million
Lexus GX470N1 million – N2 million
Lexus GX400N3 million – N11 million
Lexus LX479N1 million – N2.5 million
Lexus LX570N5 million – N23 million

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