Common Car Problems Every Driver Ought To Know About

Common Car Problems Every Driver Ought To Know About


Common Car Problems Every Driver Ought To Know About

Permit me to start with a fact. Did you know that according to NBC News, a car that was bought brand new, just pick anyone at random, has an average lifespan of 8 years. However, a well maintained car that was also bought new has a lifespan of 15 years. Almost double the lifespan of an overall average car.

This article, however, isn’t so much about car maintenance, although you could say that some of the things here are good for car maintenance. What this article is about is how to recognize some symptoms of faults in your car and what to do about them. If you observe these signs on time and make due repairs without delay, your car would fall in the category of the 15 years lifespan.


The good thing about this is that you may not even intend to use the car for as long as 15 years. But you would be confident that the car would be in good shape for whatever you want to do with it. Whether you want to sell it or give it out to someone.

Without further ado, here are some of the most common problems that you would find in cars that you should know about.

Blinking Check-Engine Light

Suffice to say, your engine is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The moment it develops a fault, it often costs relatively much to repair or even replace. That is why automakers specifically put a check-engine indicator on your dashboard, right in front of you.

When the check-engine light is blinking, it is mostly a signifier an engine misfire. There are a number of possible causes for an engine misfire. The moment you notice your check engine light blinking, find your way to a car mechanic ASAP.

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Check-Engine Light Remains On

This is another engine problem indication that cannot be ignored. This may or may not be as serious as the blinking check-engine light indication but it shouldn’t be taken for granted all the same.

When your check-engine light remains on, it could have been caused by different things. It could be that your car has spark plug issues or a loose petrol cap. A faulty oxygen sensor could also keep your check-engine light on.

If you find out that the cause of the lit check engine indicator is an obvious thing like a loose petrol cap, you should fix this immediately. Otherwise, pay a visit to your car mechanic ASAP.

Your Car Wouldn’t Start

When your car doesn’t start, it is mostly due to your battery. Your battery powers all of the electric needs of your car. If your battery has issues, you aren’t going anywhere.

When this happens to you, it could have been be caused by a drained battery or corroded terminals. Try to clean the terminals and the cables connected to them. If this doesn’t help, visit your car mechanic but prepare for a possible battery replacement.

AC Air Smells Bad

If you have searched your car for the source of the bad odour in your car and you didn’t find a rotten egg or a dead rat in it, then your air conditioner is the culprit. Sometimes it gets so much that it becomes unbearable.

This is often caused by a faulty AC accumulator. Another symptom of a faulty AC accumulator is a rattling noise when you put on your AC.

Sluggish Engine

If you notice that your car is responding sluggishly to acceleration, this is also a signifier of a faulty engine. A possible cause of this is an inappropriate air-fuel mixture. When this happens, all you need to do is clean your fuel injectors, air and fuel filters.

However, if the problem persists, see you car mechanic. It could be that the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) has a problem. As a matter of fact, it could have been caused by a number of other things.

Smoke From Under Your Bonnet

This is never a good sign and it will never be. Firstly, your car shouldn’t have heated up to this level, especially if you have a working temperature gauge on your dashboard. The temperature gauge is really sensitive. The moment it senses that the engine is being exposed to inappropriate level of heat, it cries out by hitting the red marker. 

Vehicle overheating is something that could happen when the cooling fan is not doing its job properly or not doing it at all. Check if your cooling fan is working properly. Afterwards, check to see if the engine coolant system is low on water. This could also cause an engine to overheat.

However, you should be careful when dealing with overheating issues in your car. This heat could burn and scar you permanently if messed with.

Your ride becomes less smooth, more bumpy

You used to cruise over potholes and bumps like they were nothing. You wouldn’t even feel the slightest discomfort. All of a sudden, driving over a tiny rock would jolt you around on your seat. This is a sign that your shock absorbers are in shock (sorry). They need to be replaced.


This is another common problem cars are faced with. It is possible that one fluid or the other is leaking in your car. The moment you notice this, check to see if it’s something you can fix yourself. Otherwise, let your car mechanic do the job.

Putting It All Together

It’s a good thing that you already know about some of the most common problems cars have and how they show it. You shouldn’t be slow to get these issues fixed. If you want to properly maintain your car and keep it in good shape, always pay attention to it.

Do you know about other common car problems?


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