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What Is The Best Way To Sell My Used Car? 5 Ways To Sell Your Car


So, you want to get a new ride? Well, good for you. Cheers. But do you know what to do with your old car? Wait. Let me rephrase the question. Do you know how much that it could yield you if you put your used car up for sale?

Selling used cars is a really common thing today, what with the help of the internet and all. Who is going to buy the car, however, is determined by a lot of factors. And among them is the most obvious one: the condition of the car. Did you maintain the car properly?


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you are looking to place your used cars for sale and you aren’t sure how to sell it, you’re at the right place.

1.  Sell it on Carmart

Carmart Nigeria is one of the safest and surest places to sell a used car online. This is a very good option for you if you don’t know whom to sell your car. Also, if you want to have access to a very large customer base, then Carmart is where to go. You will find buyers from all over Nigeria.

The steps are really simple. Create an account with them, click the “sell now” option and you will find further steps on what to do from there. The best part is that you get to place your own price tag on your car.

By the way, would you buy a car online instead of offline?

How To Sell Your Car

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Here’s a free tip on how to sell your used car quickly on this platform: Make sure to upload only the nicest pictures of the car. As you are probably going to be selling your car to someone far away, the first thing that would convince a buyer to buy from you is the picture of the car.

2.  Find someone to buy it yourself

Well, if you already know someone you want to sell it to, then by all means go ahead. If you don’t, you could put out word of mouth and some flyers.

Another way is to tell your car mechanic. Chances are that your car mechanic knows someone who would want to buy a car.

There is a slight disadvantage to selling your used car in this way though: It may take some time. Getting a buyer could take weeks or even months. So, if you are running against time, I do not recommend that you sell it this way.

3.  Trade it in for a new one

With this method, you can sell your car and get a new one all at once. There are some dealerships that allow you to trade your old car for another one.

All they have to do is check your car out and determine its worth. They either give you another car that is worth the same as yours or they ask that you pay some extra money to get a better car.

However, it is the best practice to do a thorough research about the new car before you trade it in.

Is the new car worth the price the dealer says it is? Is the dealer trying to peg a lower value to my old car so that they can get more from me? Or are they trying to overprice the new car? These are the questions you should ask yourself. You are allowed to be skeptical.

To increase your chances of getting the new car at a reasonable bargain, you should learn how to negotiate car prices with the seller.

4.  Sell it in parts.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “my car is really old and rickety. I wouldn’t buy my own car even if my life depended on it”. Well, you should think again. That the car doesn’t look good anymore doesn’t mean that there aren’t any useful parts in it.

There are about 30,000 parts that make up a car. So, are you saying that out of 1,2,3,4,…,30,000 parts, not even one is useful?

Get a mechanic that you trust. It could even be a car parts dealer. They will turn your car parts in for some change. This might not yield you a whole lot of money. But you really weren’t thinking you could make a fortune out of that old thing, were you?

5.  Make use of Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is a platform developed by Facebook to help you sell anything. You will find a lot of items for sale on Marketplace. Some are selling houses, furniture, and many other things. Some others place their used cars for sale.

All you have to do is to put in the details of your car and wait for buyers to hit you up. Just make sure that you do not put out the wrong information to quickly gain buyers, no matter how tempting it is.

Marketplace leans on the popularity of Facebook to help put your car on display for lots of buyers out there, as long as they have a Facebook account.

To wrap it all up

Your used car has a worth, no matter how little it is. If you don’t have anyone to give, place your used cars for sale. Don’t just dump it somewhere. Get some money out of it. And don’t forget, if you are buying a tokunbo car in Nigeria, make sure that all necessary documents are complete.

As always, your opinions are highly valued. Do drop them in the comments section below.

Have a great day.


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