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Tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 Model Price



Tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 Model Price

If 14 years after the first introduction of the 2005 model of Toyota Matrix, it is still being talked about, then it is worth checking out. And considering the fact that the last model of Toyota Matrix to be manufactured was the 2014 model, it shouldn’t be surprising that the 2005 model is still being talked about.


A lot of Toyota cars are good enough on Nigerian roads but the Matrix model is exceptional. This 2005 model might seem quite old but the wagon still looks good enough to not be considered an old-school car in Nigeria today. Get in a 2005 Matrix model and you would be almost as comfortable as you would be in the latest Toyota cars. Only that you would be missing some of the latest car technologies. But functionality-wise, this car is not to be underestimated.

Furthermore, the practicality of this car makes it perfect as a utility car. The cargo space is enormous, and it can even be further expanded when the rear seats are rolled down. Also, it serves well as a family car.

Toyota Matrix 2005 Review

Let’s review the car up-close and personal, shall we?

There are three trims available for Matrix model; base, XR and XRS. And for each trim, there are two drive options; 2-wheel drive(2WD) and 4-wheel drive(4WD).

Base Matrix and Matrix XR are similar in a number of ways. They both possess 1.8L gas engine with up to 130 horsepower. Their automatic versions have a slightly reduced horsepower of 123 but the same engines. Matrix XRS, however, is the beast among all the trims. It boasts of a massive 180 horsepower on the same 1.8L gas engines.

Basic Features

As mentioned earlier, the base Matrix comes in both manual and automatic drives; A 5-speed manual transmission for the manual drive and both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive for the automatic drive. Of course, you will find an AM/FM radio with a CD player in all of the trim versions. Air conditioning is also a standard among them. The base Matrix and Matrix XR are mostly similar. The XRS however, has some different features.

One of the defining features of the Matrix XRS is its 6-speed manual transmission. Other features include a JBL audio system, anti-lock brakes and 16″ alloy wheels.


Tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 Model Price

Like many other Toyota cars that you find around, the Matrix models have spacious cockpits. There are four different gauges that are seated in pods behind the steering wheel. The radio and CD player are combined and placed on a beautifully designed dashboard. You could power some gadgets with the 115 volt and 12 volt power outlets on the dashboard.

Behind the rear seats is an enormous boot. Without folding down the rear seats, you have about 15 cubic feet of space to yourself. But at the press of a button, you can easily fold down the rear seats and a massive 53 cubic foot of space would be ready for your use. The hard ribbed plastic of the boot floor offers strength to hold your cargo while being easy to clean.

Also on the floor of the boot, you will find four moveable hooks that you can use to tie down your cargo to keep it from sliding around while driving.

When it comes to the spaciousness of the interior, there is no compromise. The roof of the car is high enough to conveniently contain tall persons. The windows, however, kind of look small in an interior that is as spacious as the car’s.


It might not really look like it but the Matrix model is a really strong car. After it consumes a maximum of 13.2 gallons of fuel, it hits the road and keeps going for a really long time before needing more fuel. Its fuel economy feature makes it a perfect car for the average Nigerian.

The power brakes are also impressive parts of the car. They are sharp and smooth. The tyres have a strong grip and the car itself has a high enough center of gravity that prevents it from tilting to the side at sharp turns.

The 130 horsepower engine of the base Matrix and Matrix XR models is great for cruising around within the city and on the highway. If you want some extra power, however, you could opt for the 180 horsepower of the XRS model.


The car has sharp sensors that are ready to deploy airbags at high impact. Also, the rear doors have automatic locks that help ensure the safety of kids.


A well used tokunbo Toyota Matrix 2005 model would sell within a range of N1,500,000 and N2,500,000. Since the Matrix model was discontinued in 2014, getting a brand new one would prove to be an extra tough task.

A Nigerian used Toyota Matrix 2005 model would sell for as low as N970,000 and could go as high as N1,800,000.

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Car Prices

Top 10 most popular cars in Nigeria & their prices in 2019



Save Time And Money: 5 Things You Can Repair In Your Car By Yourself

Well, you probably already know that Nigeria is a very fertile market for automobiles. You would know this by the numerous car brands that can be found in Nigeria alone, and not just that. These car brands still have numerous models that sell like crazy in the Nigerian automobile market.


As it seems, any car that has tangible things to contribute in performance, fuel economy, ability to glide through rough roads without a scratch, and luxury, would have a remarkable number of loyal customers here.

As it is, cars are purchased every single day here. Brand new, tokunbo, and even Nigerian used cars are all making massive sales.

The year 2019 is almost over and we’re all making the countdown towards the new year. Now is the best time to also make a countdown of the most purchased cars in Nigeria throughout the whole year. Isn’t it? So, let’s get straight to it.

10: Mercedes Benz G-Class Pricing

G-Wagon, as it is also commonly called, is a popular vehicle in Nigeria. Some might argue that it doesn’t have the sleekness and curves that should make it look beautiful. However, I suppose you could say that its beauty is in its price if you agree that “expensive” is sometimes synonymous with “beautiful”. Mercedes Benz G-Class is one that is commonly driven by the elite because of its expensiveness. As a result, it could be regarded as a show-off car.

In performance and luxury, Mercedes Benz G-Class is worth every pretty penny spent on it. Or what else would you expect from a vehicle as expensive as this:

Price Range: N70 million – N200 million

9: Range Rover Sport Pricing

Closely following the Mercedes is Range Rover Sport. Oh! Sweet mother of luxury! This is, like, the dream SUV for many Nigerians, and it’s quite understandable. Apart from the respect, you earn from owning a Range Rover Sport, the performance of the vehicle, coupled with the kind of luxury that only this vehicle can provide, make it a great purchase.

The fact that it makes it to our list of the most purchased vehicles for 2019 in Nigeria only shows that Nigerians love good things. Abi, who no like better thing?

Price Range: N45 million – N84 million

8: Toyota Highlander Pricing

Talk about luxury, ruggedness and affordability, all in one. Toyota Highlander has got it all. The spacious SUV is preferred by many in Nigeria. The size makes it great for a lot of purposes, such as a family car. Furthermore, it is quite affordable. The upper-class citizens would find it really affordable and the lower-class citizens might even be able to afford it with some savings or some car loans.

Price Range: N20 million – N28 million

7: Lexus RX 350 Pricing

As you might already know, Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota, and this mini SUV is just a perfect example of luxury. Not only is it for the rich, but also for the middle-class citizens. So, unlike the vehicles number 8 and 9 above, the mini SUV has a wider customer base as the elite aren’t as many as the middle-class citizens. It’s no wonder RX 350 is among the most purchased vehicles in the country today.

Price Range: N27 million – N30 million

6: Toyota Sienna Pricing

Quite a number of good things are packed up in this minivan actually. In fact, this is without a doubt the most popular minivan in Nigeria today. The spaciousness of the minivan is a big advantage to it. Big space means it passes as a luxurious mass transit vehicle, a family vehicle, and a cargo vehicle. The versatility of Toyota Sienna is one of the reasons it makes it to our list of the most of our most purchased cars for 2019 in Nigeria.

In addition, the fact that it is so common simply goes to show that it is quite affordable by all.

Price Range: N18 million – N30 million

5: Volkswagen Golf Pricing

There was a time when most of the VW Golf you would find around were only used as taxis. Not anymore. Since VW Golf was able to creep into the Nigerian auto market and gain enough popularity, bringing in the more sophisticated and beautiful models was sort of easy. It was just a case of “Oh! That’s a nice Golf. I didn’t know there were such nice Golf cars. I’ll get one for myself”

Price Range: N7.5 million – N9 million

4: Kia Rio Pricing

Although they might have been around for quite a while, they are still relatively new in the Nigerian auto market. However, Kia Rio has quickly gained popularity since it’s the first introduction into the Nigerian auto market. It is a compact looking vehicle, cheap and strong. So, of course, a lot of Nigerians are attracted to it.

Price Range: N8 million – N8.5 million

3: Honda Accord Pricing

I guess you have been anticipating this car on this list already. Well, here it is. Honda is a popular auto brand all over the world and in Nigeria. A lot of Honda car models are well purchased here in Nigeria but none is as highly purchased as the Honda Accord. Honda Accord could easily be in contention for the most popular vehicle with the likes of the next two cars on this list. However, its high maintenance cost is one reason why it isn’t as purchased as those cars.

Price Range: N8 million – N15 million

2: Toyota Camry Pricing

Toyota Camry is, without a doubt, one of the most popular models in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, there’s hardly a day that you wouldn’t find a Toyota Camry, even on a less busy road. The affordability, performance, maintenance cost, and fuel economy that it possesses are what make it a highly purchased vehicle in Nigeria.

Price Range: N15 million – N30 million

Check out more detailed prices of Toyota Camry here.

1: Toyota Corolla Pricing

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Toyota, until today, has enjoyed a large number of loyal customers in Nigeria alone. And apart from Camry, Corolla is one of their main flagship models. Toyota Corolla is a popular one in Nigeria and it has been for as long as one can remember. This car, like Camry, is a combo of great performance, sleekness, and affordability.

Price Range: N15 million – N20 million

Check out different cars and their prices on

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Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria (December 2019): Brand New, Tokunbo And Nigerian Used



Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria Brand New, Tokunbo And Nigerian Used

When we’re talking about the most popular car brands in Nigeria, Toyota is probably on top of the list. This isn’t surprising as Toyota is known for their manufacture of consistently high-quality vehicles that can glide across all kinds of Nigerian roads with minimal damage. Not only are Toyota cars strong and durable, but they also always have sleek looks that make them count as luxurious vehicles too sometimes.


Toyota boasts of many vehicle models that are currently rampant in Nigeria today, and Camry is one of them. Apart from Corolla which is also a very popular Toyota model in Nigeria, Camry is probably the most used. Talk about efficiency, effectiveness, fuel economy and affordability, Camry offers all those. It comes as no surprise that it has remained among the bestselling Toyota brand in Nigeria since 2010.

Toyota has kept up with the supply of reliable cars to Nigeria. Nigerians, in turn, repaid the confidence in full (with some extra change on top) by purchasing the car brand in mass. There’s hardly any state that you wouldn’t find Toyota Camry cars for sale in Nigeria. We even dubbed some Toyota car models some really interesting nicknames, and the Camry isn’t left out of the fun. The 1991-1996 Camry models were called Orobo. 1997 to 2001 models were tagged pencil while the 2002 to 2006 models were called Big daddy. You may not find a lot of these cars for sale in Nigeria anymore. You must have heard of muscle, what we call the recent Camry models starting from 2008 to 2011.

Toyota Camry Prices

Before we go ahead, you should know that these prices are the current prices at the moment, December 2019. These prices could be changed at any time, depending on a lot of factors. However, the prices in this article would be constantly updated to keep up with any changes. Good?

Brand New Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

As it is not likely that Toyota stops manufacturing this model, considering its success, you would always find brand new Toyota Camry cars around. Although you might not find the brand new versions of the older models of 2009 and earlier, there are still the brand new versions of the later models for sale in Nigeria.

When buying brand new cars in Nigeria generally, a lot of expenses add to the price of the car itself. For example, the exchange rate at that moment, custom clearance fee, tariffs, and all those.

So, all things put together, buying a brand new Toyota Camry in Nigeria costs within the range of 25 million naira and 30 million naira.

Tokunbo Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

Much more than brand new, buying a foreign used (or Tokunbo, as we call it) car is preferred by a lot of people in Nigeria. We prefer to purchase tokunbo cars because of their affordability and accessibility. You don’t have to go through as much stress as you would endure if you were buying a brand new car.

There isn’t a shortage of used Toyota Camry cars for sale in Nigeria. When it comes to how tokunbo Toyota Camry models are priced, the things that are put into consideration involve criteria like mileage and car condition.

Here are their prices

Year Range Price Range
2005-2007 N1.5 million – N2.7 million
2008-2012 N2.7 million – N4 million
2013-2016 N4 million – N16 million

Nigerian Used Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

Now, these are the really cheap ones. Not only are they cheap, but there is also even lesser stress attached to buying them when compared to buying tokunbo or brand new cars.

And as you would expect, the condition of the car plays a huge role in determining its cost.

Model Year Range Price
1996 – 1998 N300,000 – N450,000
1998 – 2001 N450, 000 – N800,000
2002 – 2006 N750,000 – N1,100,000
2007 – 2011 N1,500,000 – N2,000,000
2012 – 2014 N3,200,000 – N5,000,000
2015 – 2017 N5,000,000 – N7,000,000

Toyota Camry: What you should know about it

Toyota Camry is available in 5 different trims L, LE, SE, XSE and XLE. The different trims are there to cater for the different preferences of their users. The mid-sized car is big and comfortable enough to contain 5 people with ease. To add to passengers’ comfort, the Toyota introduced Bluetooth phone pairing in the 2007 and later models. The more recent ones even have screens in them.

Well, some complain that the interior is not as big as some other midsize cars in its category but the beautiful interior makes up for this.

With a Toyota Camry, you can get on the road and enjoy its great engine performance, which boasts of more than 260 horsepower. The precise handling is also another good feature of the car. You also know that you have something on which you can rely heavily on any Nigerian road. The car’s great fuel economy is just another point on the long list of why we love this car.

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Car tips

Step By Step Instructions On How To Change Your Car Engine Oil Yourself




Your engine oil is one of the most important things you need to look out for in the car. Without the oil to lubricate the constantly busy parts of your engine, your engine could be in trouble. That is why this piece is dedicated to how to change your car engine all on your own.


Now, you’re probably asking. Why do I need to change my engine oil? Well, here why:

Why You Need To Change Your Engine Oil

  1. Your engine consists of parts that are continuously moving and rubbing against one another. Without the engine oil to lubricate and smoothen things out among the parts rubbing against one another, friction could take over. And when friction takes over, it’s always bad news.
  2. After constant use, the oil wears out. You could say it gets tired. It isn’t able to lubricate the engine parts as it used to, it becomes really dirty, and it reduces in quantity. And if nothing is done, it would lead to the friction problem in the first point above.
  3. Well, it wouldn’t kill you to maintain your car yourself, would it? With proper car maintenance, you could escape some common car problems.

Now that you know why you ought to change your oil periodically, the next question that is probably on your mind is “how often should I change my oil?”

This is dependent on quite a lot of things actually. It depends on how old your engine is, the way you drive, the path you drive on, and many other factors. However, it is safe to change your car engine after every 3000 to 5000 miles you put on the car for non-synthetic oil. With synthetic oil, you could push the limits and hit about 10,000 miles before you change your oil.

Needed Tools and Materials

Of course, you don’t intend to just dive under your engine and suck out the engine oil with your mouth. Or wait. Do you?

As usual, you need the right set of tools.

  • Wrench
  • Rubber gloves
  • A jack. And depending on how to level the ground is, you may need a jack stand too.

As for the materials, you would need

  • The oil, of course.
  • Oil filter
  • Funnel
  • Oil drain pan or just any container to collect the oil in

Without further ado, let’s get you to change your engine oil.

Step 1: You need to check the type of oil needed

Check your car manual for the type of oil your car engine uses and buy that particular oil type. However, of you can’t find your manual or you didn’t buy the car new, using just any type of oil isn’t a bad idea too. As long as it isn’t a low-quality oil.

Oil producers often make their oils differently. Some add some extra stuff to make the oil do some more stuff. You know, all those branding jargon. That is why there is always a recommended oil by your car manufacturer for your car. However, it isn’t necessary to follow this step.

Step 2: Let the oil warm-up

You want to drain the oil in your engine when it is warm, not when it is hot or cold. If you just used your car, you could just turn it off and leave the oil to cool down. If the car has been sitting around for more than an hour, you should just start the car and leave it idle for about 10 minutes. This gives the oil enough time to warm up.

Warm oil flows easily. Cold oil doesn’t. Hot oil flows easily but it could burn you badly. Get it?

Step 3: Jack up your car

Here’s the next thing you need to do. Jack up your car or drive it onto a ramp that gives you access to underneath the car. Whatever you do, make sure the car sits well on the jack and is very stable. I don’t recommend that you use those flimsy jacks that come with your car.

Step 4: Draining the oil

You may have to crawl underneath your car to find your drain plug. Don’t worry, it’s just less than 1 meter from the front of your car. The drain plug is often located underneath the oil pan which is also underneath your engine.

Next, slide the drain pan under the plug and open the plug with a fitting wrench in a counterclockwise direction. Make sure the drain pan is big enough to contain the oil without spilling. You should wait for the oil to drain out completely. Close up the plug after you’re done.

Step 5: Replace the oil filter

After draining the oil in the oil pan, the next thing to do is to locate the oil filter and replace it. The oil filter position varies from car to car. It shouldn’t be too far away from your oil pan though.

Place the drain pan beneath the oil filter before you remove it by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. The oil filter is usually black, blue or white. You’ll know recognize it when you see it.

On the new oil filter, dip your hand in the replacement oil and smear the oil thinly on the gasket of the filter. You could say it is done to prepare the oil filter to get to work. Pour some oil in the oil filter too. Screw the new oil filter tightly into place.

Step 6: It’s time to pour in the new oil

You can get out of underneath your car now. Your time underneath the car is over. Locate the oil cap on top of the engine. Open it, place a funnel and pour in the new oil.

Screw the oil cap tight and check for any leakages underneath your car. If there are, try to clean it up. You are supposed to use the dipstick to check the oil level about 5 minutes after you put in the oil. But while you wait, you can go to the next step.

Step 7: Start your engine

When you start the engine, check your dashboard to see if the check-oil-pressure light is on. If it isn’t, you’re good to go. If it is, it simply means there’s probably a leak somewhere or the oil level is just not high enough. Leave your engine on idle and check for what is causing the light to be on.

Don’t forget to check the oil level with the dipstick to confirm that the oil is on the appropriate level.


Well, that wasn’t so hard, was it? You can save yourself some money by doing this yourself. By the way, you should prepare to get dirty when you do this. There are other car problems you can solve yourself, like, fixing your power steering wheel.

And that’s all I have for you on how to change your car engine oil yourself. Do have a great day.

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