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Buying Cars Online or Offline; Which is Better and More Trustworthy?

How To Negotiate A Car Price With A Seller: Negotiating Like A Pro

Chances are that you have had to negotiate item prices a couple of times in your life. Negotiating is part of our daily life. The seller wants their item to sell at a profitable price, you want to buy at the lowest reasonable price. So, you both start haggling back and forth until you find a mutually satisfactory bargain. Negotiating is involved in every trade, even when you want to buy a car.


For brand new cars, there might not be enough space to negotiate prices. There is always a standard market price or something like it. If you want to buy used cars, however, you are on a fertile ground for price negotiations. You can even find used cars for sale online or offline.

So, do you want to buy a used car without being over charged? Do you want to know how to handle car price negotiations like a pro whether it is your first time it not? Well, you have come to the right place.

Do your homework thoroughly: Research like crazy

This is the very first step for obvious reasons. You want to have an idea of what car you to buy its price range before you walk to a car dealership. Otherwise, they will eat you raw, eat your money raw, all with smiling faces. Don’t blame them though. Just like you, they are trying to get the best price they can get from the car sale.

Visit websites that have used cars for sale. Research on different car models and their prices. Most preferably, the particular brand of used car that you want. This independent research gives you an idea of what to expect.

When you’re going to buy your car at the dealership, go there like someone that knows their onions.

Do your field work thoroughly: Visit different dealerships

This always works.

Visiting different dealerships would help you get the best deals. In fact, If you can even drop hints about how you have been to other dealerships and how you might return to them if you’re not satisfied with the car price your current dealership is offering. The negotiator would then be trying to beat the prices of dealerships.

Stay level headed. Don’t fall for sweet words

After you have done your research and are well armed with all the knowledge and facts that you need, the last thing you need is for your emotions to ruin things for you.

The car sales representative or the car seller (or whoever you’re negotiating with) would definitely try to sweet talk you into getting the car at their own price. It is their responsibility. However, it is also your responsibility to remain calm and focused.

If you did your research well, there’s most likely nothing they would tell you about the car that you didn’t already know. Stick to the facts of your research.

Know when to make your purchase

There are times when you would most likely get the best deals. This is when you should visit a dealership to buy used cars. You can also buy new cars at these periods but remember I said earlier that there usually isn’t much to negotiate on new cars.

For instance, dealerships often have timely sales goals to meet. It could be in every four months, 6 months or annually. Visiting them towards the end of these periods could increase your chances of getting better deals.

Also, buying on a weekend is out of it. During workdays, most dealerships often have fewer customers. So, when you visit on a workday you would have more time to convince the negotiator.

Negotiate the price in bits

The car seller would want you to negotiate the total price. You should not allow this. Negotiate every stated price every step of the way. This may take a lot of time but it would be worth it eventually.

Look out for imperfections

Inspect the car thoroughly. Especially if you’re buying a used car, check for scratches, damages, or just about anything that gives you a hint about the past of the car.

You may be asking yourself, “why do I need to look for imperfections on the car I want to buy?”

Well, doing this gives you a bargaining chip. Discovering damages like that would help reduce the perceived worth of the car. Hence, reducing the car price and allowing you to be able to negotiate some more.

You could even take it a step further and go along with a professional car mechanic. Have them inspect the car and report whatever isn’t perfect about the car. That’s some extra bargaining chip for you.

Final words

At first, this could be quite intimidating for you, especially if you’re new to this. However, if you stick to these guidelines you shouldn’t have much problems getting a cheap car price. You just have to be confident. Even if you aren’t, act like it.

What next?

Get along now and start searching for your dream car. Also, when you intend to buy a car online, you might not have enough space for price haggling, but you are most likely to get a cheap price online.

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  1. Alabi akeem

    November 26, 2019 at 8:53 am

    I want to really understand the part that says ‘negotiate in bit,though its take a while but it will be good at d end’….
    And also ,if I can contact u direct .

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Car Prices

Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria (December 2019): Brand New, Tokunbo And Nigerian Used



Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria Brand New, Tokunbo And Nigerian Used

When we’re talking about the most popular car brands in Nigeria, Toyota is probably on top of the list. This isn’t surprising as Toyota is known for their manufacture of consistently high-quality vehicles that can glide across all kinds of Nigerian roads with minimal damage. Not only are Toyota cars strong and durable, but they also always have sleek looks that make them count as luxurious vehicles too sometimes.


Toyota boasts of many vehicle models that are currently rampant in Nigeria today, and Camry is one of them. Apart from Corolla which is also a very popular Toyota model in Nigeria, Camry is probably the most used. Talk about efficiency, effectiveness, fuel economy and affordability, Camry offers all those. It comes as no surprise that it has remained among the bestselling Toyota brand in Nigeria since 2010.

Toyota has kept up with the supply of reliable cars to Nigeria. Nigerians, in turn, repaid the confidence in full (with some extra change on top) by purchasing the car brand in mass. There’s hardly any state that you wouldn’t find Toyota Camry cars for sale in Nigeria. We even dubbed some Toyota car models some really interesting nicknames, and the Camry isn’t left out of the fun. The 1991-1996 Camry models were called Orobo. 1997 to 2001 models were tagged pencil while the 2002 to 2006 models were called Big daddy. You may not find a lot of these cars for sale in Nigeria anymore. You must have heard of muscle, what we call the recent Camry models starting from 2008 to 2011.

Toyota Camry Prices

Before we go ahead, you should know that these prices are the current prices at the moment, December 2019. These prices could be changed at any time, depending on a lot of factors. However, the prices in this article would be constantly updated to keep up with any changes. Good?

Brand New Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

As it is not likely that Toyota stops manufacturing this model, considering its success, you would always find brand new Toyota Camry cars around. Although you might not find the brand new versions of the older models of 2009 and earlier, there are still the brand new versions of the later models for sale in Nigeria.

When buying brand new cars in Nigeria generally, a lot of expenses add to the price of the car itself. For example, the exchange rate at that moment, custom clearance fee, tariffs, and all those.

So, all things put together, buying a brand new Toyota Camry in Nigeria costs within the range of 25 million naira and 30 million naira.

Tokunbo Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

Much more than brand new, buying a foreign used (or Tokunbo, as we call it) car is preferred by a lot of people in Nigeria. We prefer to purchase tokunbo cars because of their affordability and accessibility. You don’t have to go through as much stress as you would endure if you were buying a brand new car.

There isn’t a shortage of used Toyota Camry cars for sale in Nigeria. When it comes to how tokunbo Toyota Camry models are priced, the things that are put into consideration involve criteria like mileage and car condition.

Here are their prices

Year Range Price Range
2005-2007 N1.5 million – N2.7 million
2008-2012 N2.7 million – N4 million
2013-2016 N4 million – N16 million

Nigerian Used Toyota Camry Prices in Nigeria

Now, these are the really cheap ones. Not only are they cheap, but there is also even lesser stress attached to buying them when compared to buying tokunbo or brand new cars.

And as you would expect, the condition of the car plays a huge role in determining its cost.

Model Year Range Price
1996 – 1998 N300,000 – N450,000
1998 – 2001 N450, 000 – N800,000
2002 – 2006 N750,000 – N1,100,000
2007 – 2011 N1,500,000 – N2,000,000
2012 – 2014 N3,200,000 – N5,000,000
2015 – 2017 N5,000,000 – N7,000,000

Toyota Camry: What you should know about it

Toyota Camry is available in 5 different trims L, LE, SE, XSE and XLE. The different trims are there to cater for the different preferences of their users. The mid-sized car is big and comfortable enough to contain 5 people with ease. To add to passengers’ comfort, the Toyota introduced Bluetooth phone pairing in the 2007 and later models. The more recent ones even have screens in them.

Well, some complain that the interior is not as big as some other midsize cars in its category but the beautiful interior makes up for this.

With a Toyota Camry, you can get on the road and enjoy its great engine performance, which boasts of more than 260 horsepower. The precise handling is also another good feature of the car. You also know that you have something on which you can rely heavily on any Nigerian road. The car’s great fuel economy is just another point on the long list of why we love this car.

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Car Prices

What Is The Best Way To Sell My Used Car? 5 Ways To Sell Your Car



Top 4 Toyota Car Models in Nigeria and Their Prices

So, you want to get a new ride? Well, good for you. Cheers. But do you know what to do with your old car? Wait. Let me rephrase the question. Do you know how much that it could yield you if you put your used car up for sale?


Selling used cars is a really common thing today, what with the help of the internet and all. Who is going to buy the car, however, is determined by a lot of factors. And among them is the most obvious one: the condition of the car. Did you maintain the car properly?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you are looking to place your used cars for sale and you aren’t sure how to sell it, you’re at the right place.

1.  Sell it on Carmart

Carmart Nigeria is one of the safest and surest places to sell a used car online. This is a very good option for you if you don’t know whom to sell your car. Also, if you want to have access to a very large customer base, then Carmart is where to go. You will find buyers from all over Nigeria.

The steps are really simple. Create an account with them, click the “sell now” option and you will find further steps on what to do from there. The best part is that you get to place your own price tag on your car.

By the way, would you buy a car online instead of offline?

Here’s a free tip on how to sell your used car quickly on this platform: Make sure to upload only the nicest pictures of the car. As you are probably going to be selling your car to someone far away, the first thing that would convince a buyer to buy from you is the picture of the car.

2.  Find someone to buy it yourself

Well, if you already know someone you want to sell it to, then by all means go ahead. If you don’t, you could put out word of mouth and some flyers.

Another way is to tell your car mechanic. Chances are that your car mechanic knows someone who would want to buy a car.

There is a slight disadvantage to selling your used car in this way though: It may take some time. Getting a buyer could take weeks or even months. So, if you are running against time, I do not recommend that you sell it this way.

3.  Trade it in for a new one

With this method, you can sell your car and get a new one all at once. There are some dealerships that allow you to trade your old car for another one.

All they have to do is check your car out and determine its worth. They either give you another car that is worth the same as yours or they ask that you pay some extra money to get a better car.

However, it is the best practice to do a thorough research about the new car before you trade it in.

Is the new car worth the price the dealer says it is? Is the dealer trying to peg a lower value to my old car so that they can get more from me? Or are they trying to overprice the new car? These are the questions you should ask yourself. You are allowed to be skeptical.

To increase your chances of getting the new car at a reasonable bargain, you should learn how to negotiate car prices with the seller.

4.  Sell it in parts.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “my car is really old and rickety. I wouldn’t buy my own car even if my life depended on it”. Well, you should think again. That the car doesn’t look good anymore doesn’t mean that there aren’t any useful parts in it.

There are about 30,000 parts that make up a car. So, are you saying that out of 1,2,3,4,…,30,000 parts, not even one is useful?

Get a mechanic that you trust. It could even be a car parts dealer. They will turn your car parts in for some change. This might not yield you a whole lot of money. But you really weren’t thinking you could make a fortune out of that old thing, were you?

5.  Make use of Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace is a platform developed by Facebook to help you sell anything. You will find a lot of items for sale on Marketplace. Some are selling houses, furniture, and many other things. Some others place their used cars for sale.

All you have to do is to put in the details of your car and wait for buyers to hit you up. Just make sure that you do not put out the wrong information to quickly gain buyers, no matter how tempting it is.

Marketplace leans on the popularity of Facebook to help put your car on display for lots of buyers out there, as long as they have a Facebook account.

To wrap it all up

Your used car has a worth, no matter how little it is. If you don’t have anyone to give, place your used cars for sale. Don’t just dump it somewhere. Get some money out of it. And don’t forget, if you are buying a tokunbo car in Nigeria, make sure that all necessary documents are complete.

As always, your opinions are highly valued. Do drop them in the comments section below.

Have a great day.

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Car Prices

How to Clear Imported Cars in Nigeria, Cost and Duration



How to Clear Imported Cars in Nigeria, Cost and Duration


Importing cars into Nigeria is cheap at first phase but not at the last. The last phase, being the clearance phase, isn’t always a bed of roses. But then, the hassles would be nothing with your idea of how to clear imported cars in Nigeria.

The first time I involved myself in a car import, I went through a clearance agent. My first experience wasn’t bad but I’m certain I was cheated and used like a money bag. The next time, I decided to bear the burden alone to save extra cash. If you think it’s a very easy task, you are wrong, it isn’t. The only easy task is negotiating with a dealer and having an agent get your car onboard a ship. So many bureaucratic factors cause the procedure to become tight and stressful.

Moreover, any medium you use for the importation still owes clearance because it’s a basic and necessary phase. It’d have been easier to start using your car without knowing how to clear imported cars in Nigeria. However, for various reasons, clearance is necessary and doesn’t come without costing you some bucks. You should either ready yourself to spend or use the idea of how to clear imported cars in Nigeria wisely.

This article will show you how to clear imported cars in Nigeria the same way I do and with ease. With just 11 steps, your car will be ready for Nigerian roads.

Step 1

Get Your Waybill or Car B/L

The first and foremost thing on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria is to obtain this receipt. B/L is an acronym for Bill of Lading and it is also sometimes represented as BoL. In some cases, it’s called waybill but I prefer to address it as car’s Bill of Lading in this case. This is a receipt given by the carrier to the shipper. It acknowledges the receipt of the car(s) being shipped and specifies the terms of car(s) delivery. It also contains the details of the car you are importing from anywhere to Nigeria and is very important. I need not repeat that it contains the information about the car you ship and would be necessary for clearance. There are two ways of obtaining this receipt. You can get it via any Nigerian courier service that will convenience you or request for a softcopy via mail. In my case, I preferred a softcopy which was forwarded to my mail. I then proceeded to print it as hardcopy to kick-start the clearance procedures.

Step 2

Ascertain Car’s Import Duty

I’d like to explain procedural terms as we progress on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria. Import duty is simply the car importation taxing and does not refer responsibility, as you might think. This step is where a clearing agency would be needed but I successfully scaled it. Since it requires a simple letter writing, there are computer stalls around that’ll draft an agency’s letterhead for you. In fact, they have various registered clearance agency’s letterhead and you’d just have to pick the one your mind prefers. Once the draft is certain and ready, the content should be such that requests import duty valuation of your car. In case you did not obtain your B/L, you need it because you’ll attach it to the letter. It’s, in some cases, the first slip that the Nigerian Customs would look out for.

During this phase, the details of your car on B/L is what determines your car import valuation. For instance, if car B/L details states that your car is new, you’ll incur additional 35% levy from the initial 35% surface duty. I’ll write more on this in the section below where I state the cost of car importation clearance in Nigeria.

Step 3

Obtain Valuation Site and Perform DTI

DTI means Direct Trader Input and refers to the input of car valuation on Customs web base. This should cost just few minutes, if not seconds of your time. This is a simple upload that requires sincerity. I refer to this stage as ‘property declaration’ stage because you’ll upload info beyond your car. Apart from the car, whatever other item is present in the car must be stated and must undergo import valuation. Besides, if you devalue your import duty, when Step 6 inspection takes place, it’ll affect you with delays and questioning. During this stage, ensure that you have verified with your valid Tax Identification Number (TIN). You would slightly have to rapport with a certified clearance agency at this time to scale this stage. I’m suggesting this in case you do not have TIN. Besides, every process requires the TIN.

Step 4

Print SGD and Assessment Notice

SGD refers to Single Goods Declaration. This step on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria is just a few-seconds step. It involves a simple printing of forms and these forms must contain the appropriate car information. Whatever happens, do not alter or falsify any information about your car. If you should dare to falsify any info, let it not be the Customs import valuation of your car. You might be tempted to do this, but don’t because all of these would be verified again and again before your car exits port. It is moments such as this that also cause people’s car to be impounded.

Step 5

Import Duty Valuation Payment Time

There are two payment options available, it’s either you inconvenience yourself through the bank or simply pay online. Anyways, I won’t digress this writing from what I did. I paid mine through the bank and I also presented my Assessment Notice form to the bank. Whichever payment method you use, do not fail to obtain a payment receipt. If you do not, I’m not sure of other ways you’ll follow to bypass Nigerian Customs without payment verification.

Step 6

Car Details Verification and Inspection

During the times I was preaching ‘sincerity’ up there, it was to avoid setbacks here. Insincerity doesn’t count on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria because you are risking impoundment. This is the time when you’ll submit all the forms you’ve been collecting. They include Bill of Lading (B/L), Payment Receipt (bank or online), Import Duty Valuation Papers, Assessment Notice and Single Goods Declaration (SGD) form. All these forms must be the originals and not photocopies, unless otherwise.

Note, provided information must tally with details on each form or slip. When the inspecting officers come forth, they expect to find exactly what is present on each form. Your car import valuation duty must remain untampered. If there are tampers, they’ll of course be a revaluation of the car import duty. And when it doesn’t correspond, questioning customs eyebrows will stare at you fiercely. If there is an extra imported item in the car, they’ll also verify that it was valued during first stages. If it isn’t valued, it’s regarded as insincerity and you risk further expenses or seizure.

Step 7

SGD Form Submission to Appropriate Shipping Company

The submission of your Single Goods Declaration form follows as step 7 on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria. This is only, but a sort of confirmation that you will be making to show that the car is yours. Simply locate the office of the shipping company responsible for the freighting of your car. Submit the Single Goods Declaration form and obtain a copy of an exit form to proceed. With your shipping company’s exit slip or form in your palms, you’re nearing the end process.

Step 8

Request for Car Release

Here is the stage where you make your final payments to the shippers. Again, you’ll gather your initial forms including B/L, SGD, Copy(s) of Exit and a valid means of identity. Your identity medium could be your valid National ID card, Valid Driver’s License, and even your Voter’s Card. Various shipping agents do have their requirements in terms of your identification but it won’t deviate from this. Also, if you have none of these but your International Passport is in place, it will make a good option. The little problem however, is that you need also, a Customs Authority Card which is renewed annually. This is the form that licensed clearance agencies conventionally possess to qualify them for several other clearances. The shipping firm, in a bid to maintain some form of decadence would demand for it. But then, you can pay it off or obtain surety from a licensed agent to proceed.

Step 9 – Quarter Final

CIU Stamp/Signature

To proceed further on how to clear imported cars in Nigeria, locate the Customs Intelligence Unit (CIU). There, do not wait to ask or read what is required to avoid delaying yourself. Simply make ready, the car release document issued to you during the valuation stages. Submit this form alongside the exit copy issued by your car shipper and your payment receipt. Verifications will be carried out and if successful, the document will be stamped and signed by the officer. This process can only be unsuccessful if the servers encounter problems with verification. And of course, this can only be caused by submitting faulted documents.

Step 10 – Semi Final

Proceed to Terminal Operator Office

Here is where you make your final payments and to the terminal operator office. You will be issued a terminal charge or debit note and you’re to pay at designated banks. Return here after making payments to obtain your Delivery Order (DO) and have your car released by your shipper. The terminal operator will also issue you a Terminal Delivery Order (TDO) to finalize things.

Step 11 – Final

Final Vehicle Movement and Final Verifications

Here is when your vehicle moves to the final gate and for final verifications. The customs Officer there would crosscheck every detail of the said car. When it’s certain that it tallies with your documents, you’ll be allowed out. You can park somewhere, call your lover and inform him/her of your new wheel’s arrival and run the Nigerian roads.

Cost of Clearing Imported Cars in Nigeria

I promised to guide you on the cost strategy of clearing imported cars in Nigeria. After knowing how to clear imported cars in Nigeria, do not fail also to know the cost.

If you were attentive to the guide above, you’d have seen that there were several offices that charges. The only thing is that I didn’t list the prices. The reason is because these cost differs by car. This is to say that your car model, type, production year and so on determines what you pay. This particularly applies when you’re dealing with customs because they’ll value your car and charge you by the value. This is what is called import duty valuation. This valuation bases on your car description, like I stated earlier. I will not provide you with an accurate cost but I’ll provide you with a titbit guide.

Also, the charges from customs is determined by Dollar rate. This means that the higher the rate of Dollars, the higher the cost to be incurred and vice versa. Let’s take a quick rundown on how import duty is ascertained by the Nigerian Customs. The percentage rate rallies around 0% to 35%. And in the case of your car, it’s a simple mathematics that will help you. All you do is multiply the cost of your car by the valuation rate and the current Dollar rate (Car Price X Valuation Rates X Dollar Rates).

Duration of Clearing Cars in Nigeria

The duration of clearing cars in Nigeria is determined by a number of factors. These could include validity of forms, number of clearance applicants etc. Another thing is laziness and frustration which could force you to delay. This is caused probably by your inability to verify documents and many others. In essence, it can take as long as you want to clear an imported car in Nigeria. But, the average time is just about two days to three days. As a newbie, it took me four days but later, I could run it in just three days successfully.

Author’s Note and Conclusion

There aren’t much difficulties associated with the entire process. However, there are certain vital documents you do require to avid delay. To get these documents, you may resort to rapport with a licensed agent or provide yours. And you know, obtaining those forms like the form C30 or Customs Authority Card might be tasking.

So, seeing how to clear imported cars in Nigeria in person, what do you think? If you can proceed to run the processes alone, fine but if you can’t, contact a clearing agent. At least, with this article, you’ve known how the processes go and can monitor your clearance agent better. This is how I cleared my imported car in Nigeria. Changes might come in along the process and you just have to be conscious on them.

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