10 Items you should always have in Your Car

10 Items you should always have in Your Car in 2020

As a car owner, you should always be one step ahead because you can’t predict when and where your car is going to break down. Sometimes it comes very sudden and it can leave you miles far away from help (and sometimes even out of cell phone range). 

So the question is, would you have what you need if your car broke down? Or if you were stranded somewhere? Anyway, this article will help you.  Whether you drive a truck or a car you need to be prepared because when you’re prepared you can deal with the unexpected.

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You will need a minimum of all these things to change a flat tire.  Don’t wait until you have a flat tire before you look under your car and find out these items are not there. You will also need to check the air in your spare tire.  If your spare tire is flat, you’re out. The tire pressure gauge should be kept in your glove box for easy measuring of the air pressure in your tire.


  Embarrassing and unnecessarily expensive, hold your spare key in a magnet case and place it in a secret location under your car.  Make sure it is magnetic.  Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.  Challenge: finding a key holder that is big enough for these huge keys made nowadays.

3. Jumper cables

 If you don’t know what jumper cables are and if you don’t have them in your vehicle, try to get one because dead batteries are a fact of life. Jumper Cables are thick electric cables fitted with clips at either end, used for starting a vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the battery of another vehicle.

4.    First aid kit

For minor wounds and for minimizing damage, you need a first aid kit, especially for a parent, because you can’t tell what your playing child can run into. It’s actually mandated by law in most countries

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5. Flashlight

 If you have ever gotten a flat tire at or Ever tried to change a tire in the dark. You’ll definitely need this for changing your tire at night, but it’ll also illuminate your workspace and allow other drivers to easily spot you from a distance. 

6.    A durable multi-tool

A good multi-tool is the second most useful thing on this list. Even if you don’t own a car, this is a must-have. 

7.    Fire extinguisher

The chances you’ll actually need a fire extinguisher are thankfully slim. There’s no middle ground, though, because when you need one, you absolutely need one.

8.   Hazard triangle/flares

If you have any sort of problems on the road at night, you want to be as visible as possible, period. Like the first aid kit, this is mandatory in many countries.

9.   Tow strap

Why would you need a tow strap? For starters, getting your car a relatively safe distance off the road until a tow truck can get there is extremely important


Some extra napkins in the glove box can come in handy for many things like cleaning up spilled coffee, wiping off dust or moisture on the windshield, cleaning hands, checking oil, etc.

We hope this article will help you to know the essential things you need to have in your cars because we can’t predict the future, but what we can do is to be prepared for common situations.


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