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“This is the Only Yellow Car in Lagos”: Ola of Lagos Shows Off Rare Mercedes ML63 SUV Worth Over N40 Million, Belongs to Furex CEO

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  • Ola of Lagos shares video of a rare Mercedes ML63 SUV in Lagos.
  • According to the car and luxury influencer, the vehicle belongs to the CEO of the Crypto company, Fure Eviosekwofa.
  • The Mercedes-Benz ML63 SUV is described as one of the rarest Benz to come across because the vehicle was discontinued 8 years ago.

In new video shared to his social media page, popular car and luxury influencer, Ola of Lagos shows off the brand new Mercedes-Benz ML SUV worth over N40 Million. The vehicle Ola shows off is said to belong to the CEO of Furex, Fure Eviosekwofa.

The ML63 SUV spotted in the video is one of the rarest Mercedes vehicles you’ll find around. It uses the same engine as a Mercedes G-Wagon–a V8 bi-turbo engine that produces 218 horsepower, and goes from 0-60mph in 4.2 seconds.

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In the video shared online, Ola informs his followers that they will be standing a chase to win N500k, N300k, and N200k respectively, for anyone who first finds this rare vehicle in Lagos and takes a picture of it and tags him to it.

Watch the video here

Why Is The Mercedes-Benz ML63 SUV are Rare Vehicle?

The Mercedes ML63 is rare because it has been discontinued by Mercedes after the 2015 model was released. So, the latest ML63 you’ll find in the market are used models, and they are also rare to find. The ML63 is described as quick, but not entirely great with speed. However, the vehicle has a luxurious finishing made with leather and wood. 

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