How To Avoid Problem With Police When Stopped At Car Checkpoints

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In Lagos and other megacities, being stopped by the police at a checkpoint can ruin your plans for the day. Lagos is indeed a city within a city. It is known as the trading capital of Nigeria for a reason. It is a place of activity. If it’s not in Lagos, it’s probably not all over Nigeria.

 Most roads have traffic cops, including police officers, to coordinate the activities of drivers. It is common to stop the car for regular inspections. This can be very annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry somewhere. We offer tips to avoid delays by the Police when driving through this city.

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Have complete documentation

Driving in cities without knowing your vehicle’s details is a recipe for disaster. They throw themselves indirectly into the hands of the traffic authorities. If your documents are incomplete, please use commercial transportation. Uber is also available now, so it is still convenient to use.

You don’t want to be stopped by the police.  The first thing a police officer asks when you are stopped is to show them the details of your car. They expect you to submit complete paperwork promptly. If there is a delay, they will find out that you have skeletons in your closet, and will definitely bring them up. If one document is missing from the vehicle data, the book can speak the entire English language. Get ready to spend the day with them. But if your paper is perfect, they might let you off the hook. 

Speak and respond well 

A police officer who speaks like an enlightened person encounters different people every day. From your first utterance, they can assess you and place you where they feel you belong. If these are in place, engage them like enlightened people by speaking correct English. Please don’t raise your voice. If your paperwork is complete and they are still holding you, ask them why they are holding you if you have done nothing wrong. If they see that you know your rights, they will quickly let you go.

Show  Respect

Respect is mutual. If you cannot show respect to the police, you cannot expect them to respect you. These officers did not go out into the street to inspect the vehicle. They act according to the law to protect life and property. They do their job, and you have to respect them for that.

Don’t give off a rude vibe. It is well known that many Nigerians have little or no respect for police officers. If they feel you are one of those people, they will stop you expertly, even if they have nothing against you.

Greet and speak with respect. But that doesn’t mean you should be too friendly. This could be seen as a sign of someone trampling on your rights. Please do not show your face. Answer the questions asked. Feel free to point them out if you feel they are beyond their power. There is no need to undermine or insult them over what diplomacy can address.

Do not bribe

Checkpoints to avoid delays Some drivers are quick to bribe police officers on the street. While this may work for some cops, it can cause problems for others. If you have nothing to hide, let them do their job. Bribing a police officer is a crime. If you bribe them, you commit a crime. They check you out thoroughly and even try to insist on it. Don’t go too fast. Keep calm and watch them take the lead. Not all police officers are interested in taking bribes.

Ask to consult your supervisor in difficult situations

Sometimes problems arise with police officers. A non-commissioned officer must work under orders from his superiors and carry out missions. Including them may not give good results. Politely ask to speak with the senior officer at the crime scene. 

Superiors tend to listen to drivers. Greet him or her properly and explain her situation. He or she may come up with a better solution to the problem than the junior officer.


Take note of these tips if you are being held by the police or dropped off At thirty checkpoints. The most important thing is to not act aggressively and comply accordingly. If you are still being held against your will after you have completed all formalities, you still need to have a measured head when dealing with them. 

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