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Here’s Why Tesla Is Paying Drivers N40,000 Per Hour to Drive Tesla Cars for Three Months, Can Nigerian Drivers Participate?

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Tesla is actually hiring people to drive its cars around for three months. But why? Because the company needs to record and analyse data about its vehicles.

The temporary job pays $45 per hour, which is about N40,000 per hour for three months. 

Interestingly, the company also offers other benefits, like health insurance, to those who would take up the opportunity. Drivers can also opt for day or night shifts.

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According to the job ad

“The vehicle operator role is responsible for capturing high-quality data that will contribute to the improvement of our vehicles’ performance.”

Obligations range from analysing and reporting on data, writing daily drive reports, checking for safety, and providing feedback to Tesla about findings. 

Certain conditions need to be met despite being advertised as an “entry-level” role. 

Eligible drivers must have a valid driver’s license and must be insured, which is pretty obvious.

The company also asks that drivers also have excellent attention to detail, excellent written and spoken English, excellent PC skills, and familiarity with driver assistance systems.

Since the ad went up, over 3,600 people have already applied for the position.

Many are after the job because Tesla is known to pay its employees very well, with a recent report showing that only five of 184 new hires were given a salary less than six figures.

While this particular job does not pay in six figures, getting paid to drive a Tesla around for three months is indeed a luxury and a good opportunity for drivers. Unfortunately, drivers in Nigeria don’t apply. 

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