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Ford to cut parallel parking feature in vehicles to save $10 million a year

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In 2009, Ford introduced the feature Active Parallel Parking in its models and this technology was an industrial revolution at its time, but Ford now sees that this technology is nothing but a waste of money amid the current inflation and Ford seeks to save money and increase profitability.

At a phone conference this week, Ford Operations CEO Mr. Kumar Galhotra mentioned that few people use the Active Parking Assistant feature and that Ford could remove this feature from Ford models to save money and mentioned that it saves around $60 per vehicle worth $10 million Every year.

The Active Park Assist feature is part of Ford’s Active Park Assist group which is part of driver assistance technologies and was first introduced in 2009 and was among the first systems officially available to Ford and Toyota was the first globally to introduce this technology before.

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A few years from Ford aiming to alleviate the pressure caused by so-called hard parking in tight spaces since then many Ford cars have gotten this feature to this day and Ford sees this feature as not something important for Ford customers to use by their discovery of connected vehicle data With their customers

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