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Bola Ahmed Tinubu Net Worth, Biography, Cars, Houses in 2024

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Chief Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu GCFR is a Nigerian politician who is the 16th and current president of Nigeria.

Chief “Asiwaju” Bola Ahmed Tinubu was born on the 29th of March 1952, and he began his foray into the world of politics in Nigeria in 1992. He served as the 12th Governor of Lagos State in Nigeria between 29th May 1999 to 29th May 2007 and was later succeeded by Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN).

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Bola Ahmed Tinubu
Real nameBola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu
Date of birth29 March 1952
Country of OriginFederal Republic of Nigeria
Source of WealthPolitician, Businessman
Net worthUnknown
Previous offices: Governor of Lagos State (1999–2007), Member of the Senate of Nigeria
Current officeCurrent President of Nigeria

He was appointed the Senator for the Lagos West constituency in Lagos State in 1993, as this appointment opened his chapter in the world of Politics. Apart from being a Politician, he is also an Accountant. Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu is recognized as the second richest politician in Nigeria and the most powerful politician in the Southwestern part of Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu Education

Tinubu’s education is one remarkable thing worth knowing. He started at St John’s primary school at Aroloya Lagos and continued at a children’s home school in Ibadan, southwest Nigeria.

Ahmed is also known as “Jagaban”. He finished his secondary education abroad, where he attended Richard J. Daley College in Chicago, Illinois.

Tinubu’s Political Career

Fast forward to when he started gaining footing in the Nigerian government. Ahmed Tinubu became a member of the Social Democratic Party, SDP In 1992.

As a result of his devotion and passion for politics, he joined the People’s Front fraction. Shehu Musa Yar’Adua was the leader of the faction.

He went into exile after the 1993 Nigeria coup d’etat which the defence minister, Sani Abacha, led on November 17.

Describing his exile journey, Tinubu had in an interview said; “I disguised with a huge turban and babanriga and escaped into Benin Republic on a motorbike. My old Hausa friend gave the clothes to me. In fact, when I appeared to Kudirat Abiola, she didn’t know that I was the one! I gave her some information and some briefing. I left at 1 a.m. While in Benin Republic, I was still coming to Badagry to ferry people, and organise and coordinate the struggle with others on ground. We put a group together, ferrying NADECO people across. It was a very challenging time. I can’t forget people like Segun Maiyegun and other young guys in the struggle. I would come from Benin to hold meetings with them and sneak back.“

Coming back from exile in 1998, he soon gained the limelight and became the governor of Lagos state in May 1999. He’s known worldwide for creating 37 LGAs in the state. He reigned as a governor for eight good years!

What’s more? Because of his hatred for the PDP, he made several efforts to make sure the APC candidates won the 2015 elections. This makes him earn lots of respect from the northerners.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu AND Buhari
Bola Ahmed Tinubu AND Buhari

Bola Tinubu is the godfather of many prominent politicians in Lagos state and within southwestern, trending reports suggest that Bola Ahmed Tinubu was quoted to have said President Muhammadu Buhari wouldn’t have been the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without his help.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Rode In a Mercedes G-Class During Inauguration
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Rode In a Mercedes G-Class During Inauguration

Bola Tinubu is the 16th and current president of Nigeria.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Net worth

Recognized as the second richest politician in Nigeria, he has an estimated net worth of about Unknown. He is widely recognized as very rich owing to a statement he made during a political campaign, where he claimed he was richer than Osun State (at the time). As a result of his statement, a lot of Nigerians were made to believe that indeed he controlled major funds in the country.

As a result of the power he wields as a once two-term Governor of Lagos State, he is believed to also control most of the political influence in most Western states in Nigeria. Some of his assets include the state-of-the-art Hotel known as Oriental Hotel, which is strategically located on Victoria Island, Lagos State. He also has his assets in Oando PLC, one of the largest locally owned oil-producing companies in Nigeria, among several other properties and assets scattered around the country and internationally, some of which are TVC Television and Radio, Lekki Concession Company, Ikeja Shopping Mall, Renaissance Hotel, The Nation Newspapers, Radio Continental, Apapa amusement park. Remember to read The Richest Politicians In Nigeria: Net Worth & Cars They Own

Tinubu cars 

For a man of influence, calibre, and opulence, it is almost impossible to correctly state how many cars Chief Bola Tinubu has. A man of his status is able to buy luxury and afford the kind of cars he would like to have.

For a person who isn’t Tinubu, the average number of cars one is to have as a family man should sit at two. But Tinubu is not the regular and average Nigerian man, as he is beyond that. He is rumoured to have a minimum of about 30 cars ranging from type to type, and some of these cars were bought by him, while some others were gifted to him by some colleagues and friends.

Some of his cars are:

  • Tinubu Land Range Rover
Armoured Land Rover Range Rover
Armoured Land Rover Range Rover

Range Rover Sentinel has all the style, refinement, and off-road capability you would expect from a Range Rover. Beneath the surface, there is another side to the story. This is a Range Rover comfortable with the extreme. The Range Rover Sentinel is the first luxury armoured vehicle to be fully engineered by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). The mobile fortress is hand-built at SVO’s Oxford Road facility and provides the highest levels of protection an SUV can offer, It’s an armoured vehicle expertly engineered by our Special Vehicle Operations team to provide safety and security against attacks, Land Rover said.

  • Tinubu Prado Jeep
Tinubu Prado Jeep
Tinubu Prado Jeep

This specially armoured, 2.8L diesel engine, 7-seater SUV is a top choice for any person of prominence who wants to ride around with an air of security and comfortability. Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the owner of this car as he uses it for security purposes. An armoured vehicle of this same brand starts pricing at about N45 million, for a brand new one.

Tinubu Private Jet

Private Bombardier Global 6000 Express Jet
Private Bombardier Global 6000 Express Jet

Added to his fleet of exotic cars, he is the owner of a private Bombardier Global 6000 Express jet which costs up to 29 billion naira ($75 million). Sometimes, he might need to be present at some international functions, and plying the road can be such a hassle, especially in Lagos. In such times, his private jet is only a hanger away.

Tinubu Houses

Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu Houses
Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu House

The enigma currently lives on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State and the property sits at over N650 million.

He is also the owner of Lakowe near Abijo, Ibeju-Lekki. The land located in this area is estimated to be about N80 billion. The land was apparently given to him for some personal project development.

He is the owner of Ikoyi Estate Foreshore. This Lagos state government-owned property is now owned by Chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Some of his other properties and houses are, Oyinkan Abayomi, Ikoyi, Asokoro in Abuja, Atlantic beachfront, the choice property, Eleko junction and so many other choice properties in Lagos, Nigeria.

Is Wale Tinubu related to Bola Tinubu?

Adewale Tinubu said the claim that he is the nephew of Chief Bola Tinubu, a Nigerian politician and former governor of Lagos State, and the national leader of the [[All Progressives Congress is false and be disregarded. In his June 2022 interview with people’s choice, he said he only got to have the same surname as Bola Tinubu

Who is Tinubu’s wife?

Oluremi Tinubu from Ogun State, Nigeria, is the former first lady of Lagos State and is currently a senator representing Lagos Central Senatorial District at the Nigerian National Assembly. She is a member of the All Progressives Congress political party.

Where is Bola Ahmed Tinubu originally from?

Tinubu spent his early life in southwestern Nigeria and later moved to the United States where he studied Accounting at Chicago State University. He returned to Nigeria in the early 1980s and was employed by Mobil Nigeria as an accountant, before entering politics as a Lagos West senatorial candidate in 1992 under the banner of the Social Democratic Party.

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