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“Abi Rolls-Royce Dey Do Promo?”: Nigerians Left in Shock After A Video Of An All-Rolls-Royce Party in Lagos Goes Viral

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A recent video of an all Rolls-Royce party that took place in Lagos, Nigeria has left many Nigerians in deep shock.

The video that was shared online by @Carcontinent shows off so many different models of the Rolls-Royce luxury car that was present at an event in Lagos. The luxury cars range from those with black exteriors to those with white exterior colors, all neatly packed by their owners who were present for an exclusive Lagos event.

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Nigerians Left in Shock After A Video Of An All-Rolls-Royce Party in Lagos Goes Viral

The caption on the post says: “Just one party and we have this amount of Rolls-Royce cars! A cluster of Rollsroyce is what again? If na Abuja now we go hear say them park them for garage. The difference is clear, you can’t compare any city in Naija to Lagos in terms of cars.”

Why are Rolls-Royce Cars Adored in Nigeria?

If you paid close attention, you’d realize that many Nigerians adore Rolls-Royce cars. It doesn’t even matter if these are old-model Rolls-Royce. However, this can be due to factors like; 

  • Rolls-Royce cars are a status symbol, as such, owning them in Nigeria gives many the impression that you are wealthy.
  • Because Rolls-Royce cars are limited and exclusively made, the rarity of these vehicles, adds to their allure, as owning one means you belong to an exclusive group of elites.
  • Rolls-Royce cars are known for their comfort and luxury interior, which makes the vehicle high-priced. This luxury nature of Rolls-Royce makes them appealing to many Nigerians.

Watch the video here

Here are some reactions to the post: 

@the16thgram commented: “And these ones no be for sale o.”

@mubby_babayin commented: “Maybe there are more cars in Lagos but in Abuja you get to see ¾ rolls Royce on a single street (not main road) on a very regular day (not weddings)

@o_d_i_n_a_k_a commented: “Very soon! On God I go buy Spectre.”

@iykolysis_ commented: “Abi rolls Royce dey on Promo.”

@papibillionaire commented: “A cluster of Rolls-Royce is called a Phantom.”

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