Lexus Cars for Sale in Nigeria

Find Tokunbo Lexus cars, Nigerian Used Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria at the best prices. Select from a wide range of  Vehicle types; model, year, and the best price that fits your budget.

4 Lexus rx330




4 Lexus rx350




4 Lexus Rx330




4 Lexus Rx350


4 Clean 2007 Lexus Es350


5 Lexus Es350 Toks


5 2004 Lexus ES 330


5 2005 LEXUS ES 330



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Is Lexus Worth Buying in Nigeria?

Lexus is the luxury division of the well-known Japanese automaker—Toyota. It is currently Japan's largest-selling maker of premium cars, marketed to over 70 countries and territories worldwide. The brand has its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, with operation centres in other well known countries like Nigeria

Lexus cars offers good value for money, quality, comfort, and exceptional driving experience. Vehicles are made with high quality materials largely produced in Japan, with manufacturing centered in the Chūbu and Kyūshū regions. 

Lexus vehicles are best known for having high reliability ratings and impressive cabins. Lexus is obviously a luxury that is worth buying.

Popular Lexus Models in Nigeria

Lexus comes in various models, each with a distinctive design, features, and specs. The commonest of all Lexus brands is the Lexus RX. All Lexus models come with remarkable engine performance either connected to a front-wheel drive or All-wheel drive. The interior is spacious and gives you a good feel of comfort. 

Prices of Lexus Cars In Nigeria

The price range for Lexus cars in Nigeria are usually within 8 million to 45 million while the New Lexus LX 570 Bulletproof costs over ₦150,000,000. This price varies depending on whether it is Nigerian used or Tokunbo used, the year of the car, as well as model. The table below will provide you with some of the most popular Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria with their Tokunbo and Nigerian used prices on



 Tokunbo Prices

Nigerian used prices


 Lexus RX 350

 4,400,000 - ₦30,000,000

2,000,000 - ₦13,500,000


 Lexus ES330

 ₦2,000,000 - ₦7,800,000

1,000,000 -  6,000,000


 Lexus IS250

 1,200,000 - ₦12,000,000

₦1,000,000 -  ₦4,000,000


 Lexus GX460

 4,550,000 - ₦40,000,000

 2,900,000 - 10,000,000


 Lexus GS300

 1,450,000 - ₦4,000,000

 750,000 - ₦3,000,000


 Lexus LX570

 11,550,000 -  ₦62,000,000

 ₦6,550,000 -  ₦17,000,000


Trusted Location to buy Lexus cars for sale in Nigeria

It’s important you don’t just put your hard-earned money into buying bad Lexus cars from fraudulent dealers, who can make you pay more than required for a car. Here on, you will find related articles on various Lexus models, their prices, specs, and things to look out for when selecting a Lexus model to buy.

Using our search box, you can find your desired Lexus cars from any of our verified sellers and dealers to make a good choice.  Cars are listed according to their models, prices, locations, years, transmission options, engine, cylinders, fuel mileage, features, body types, and colours, etc.